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(Research):Charles HEARN died 1890 at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel which was on the corner of Parramatta Road and Balmain Road. Site is taday occupied by a hotel of the same name, but not owned by any Hearn Family member. He is buried in the Hearn Family Vault, St Johns C/E at 74 Bland St Ashfield.

Date:20 Apr 1816
Location:at Fog Creek, Camden, New South Wales

Location:at Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia
Notes: Ashfield, 74 Bland St, St John's Church of England, Hearn Family Vault.

Date:15 Sep 1816
Location:at Parramatta, New South Wales
Notes: Parramatta, St John's Church of England.

Date:27 Apr 1890
Location:at Leichhardt, New South Wales
Notes: Leichhardt, Parramatta Road, The Baldface Hotel.

Event: Registration - Birth
Location:at New South Wales

Event: Alt. Birth -
Date:20 Apr 1816
Location:at Cowpastures, Camden, New South Wales

Event: Registration - Death
Location:at Leichhardt District, New South Wales

partner: Mary Blackman (1817-1891)
Marriage: :
Date:1 Jul 1838
Location:at Goulburn, New South Wales
Notes: St Saviour's, Chruch of England, Goulburn. Witnesses to the wedding were Samuel Blackman and Martha Blackman.

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