Charles Haley Williams (1884-1960) and Myrtle Lattin tombstone

Charles Haley Williams (1884-1960) Lived in Cuba; Venetian Blind Salesman (b. June 08, 1884, Danberes, Massachussetts, USA - d. October 14, 1960, Bellflower, Los Angeles County, California, USA) Social Security Number 560146886.


He was the son of Fredrick Howard Williams (1857-1947) and Clara Bell Patch.


He had a brother: Clifford Williams who married Eva.

Isle of Pines, CubaEdit

On December 20, 1910 he returned from Cuba to New York City with Myrtle Adelia Lattin (1884-1970).


On August 30, 1911 in Troy, Renssalaer County, New York he married Myrtle Adelia Lattin (1884-1970).


Memories about Charles Haley WilliamsEdit

  • Harold Lawrence McPheeters (1923- ) says: "He sold venetian blinds. He had a 7 county territory that covered three states. We visited them in 1952 at their home in Orange County. He was a very short guy and had to have extensions put on the peddles of his car. Myrtle was in charge in the relationship and she would go with him on his sales trips. They drove in a station wagon."
  • Fredrick Andrew Williams (1923- ) says: "The first of our family to California were my father and mother, Charles Haley Williams and Myrtle Adelia Lattin in 1921. They went to California as speculators and my father bought a farm there. My granddad, Fredrick Howard Williams, bought a piece of land in Burbank, California where he grew walnuts. Eva Ariel Lattin (1892-1939) came to California to visit her sister in 1933 on the Panama Pacific Line. I was 10 years old at that time. She was on a trip and came to see my parents. She went back to New York and then the whole Winblad family moved to California around 1936."

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