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Charles Chappuzeau

Name variationsEdit

Chapuzeau, Chapiseau, Chapuseau and many others

Vital StatisticsEdit


Charles was the son of Francois Chappuzeau and Jeanne Pelisson.


None known



Two daughters are also recorded in Meinel, but not named


Little is known of his life other than what is given below.


Advokat in Paris. (Angehöriger der noblesse de robe)

Charles was for more than 40 years a lawyer in the King's Private Council. He was a member of the “Noblesse de robe” (nobility of the gown) - person or family made noble by holding certain official charges.


De la justice et de la paix, de l'injustice et de la guerre : les miseires et fin luctueuse des guerres civiles et estrangères, et qu'il n'y a rien au monde de si désirable que la paix / [signé : Charles Chapuzeau] Paris : L. Boulenger, 1622

Spiritual LifeEdit



Many descendants of his son Samuel are known


Pavane, a descendant in the UK

In our days some of part of the familiy CHAPPUZEAU lives in CHILE (South America).Actually I´m Javier CHAPPUZEAU a Chilean Navy Officer. If you want to know more about us, just send me a e-mail


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