Vital statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Sex : Male
  • Born:
  • Married: 18 August 1854 in Balmain
  • Died: 13 January 1910 in Balmain

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  • Father:
  • Mother:

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Notes[edit | edit source]

On marriage certificate: Charles Augustus Roffey of Parish of Balmain, bachelor married Caroline Sarah Phillips of Parish of Balmain, spinster on 18th August, 1854 at Parish of Balmain, County of Cumberland by license. Consent of Father of the said Caroline Sarah Phillips. The Minister was Th. D. White. The witnesses were Fredk. Leach of Balmain and Terence Tiernan of Balmain.

On death certificate: Charles died on the 13th January 1910 at 11039 (?) Booth Street Balmain Hospital, Balmain municipality. He was a carpenter and 78 years old. He did of a) Carcinoma of the liver and b) asthenia. He had the cancer for 12 months. His medical practitioner was F. Breitner (?), State Exam Certif, Vienna, Registered and he last saw Charles on the day he died. Charles father was Unknown Roffey, blacksmith, and mother was unknown. The informant was H Roffey, son, of Byron Bay N.S.Wales. The death was registered on 14th January 1910 in Balmain Hospital. Charles was buried on 15th January 1910 at the Church of England Cemetery, Field of Mars, and the undertaker was Woods & Con....(?). The minister was Henry J. Holliday, Church of England, and the witnesses were H. Roffey and C. Roffey. Charles was born in Camberwell, Surrey, England and had been in N.S. Wales for about 56 years. He was married in Balmain N.S. Wales at 23 to Caroline Sarah Phillips. His children were Henry 52, Charles 50, Mary A. 48, William 42, Thomas 40, Stephen 38, Florence 36, and Caroline 33, 3 males deceased.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: (Marriage), 1169 Vol:41b (Death) 1910/ 000492 1113

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