Charity Abney
Sex: Male
Birth: c1800
Father: Walter Abney (c1762)
Mother: Susan Brooks
Spouse/Partner: Absolom Dean (1799)
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Charity Abney

The parentage of the wife married to Absolom Dean (1799) is a subject of a great amount of research and speculation. The most plausible theory is that her father was Walter Abney, due to the multiple mentions of her (as "Elizabeth Dean") and Absalom Dean in the wills of the brothers (John, Simeon and Mastin)[1] This article assumes the theory is correct. With mtDNA testing, the circumstantial evidence pointing to parentage of Susan Brooks will be proven or disproven.

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Children[edit | edit source]


Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Absolom Dean (1799) and Elizabeth M Dean
William Dean 1814 SC KIA CSA soldier
Andrew Dean 1816 SC KIA CSA soldier
Susanna Dean 1818 SC
Jefferson Dean (c1828) ca 1828 (or 1820) SC KIA CSA soldier
Marcus Lafayette Dean Nov. 16, 1828 SC 1871-01-30

Walter Dean (c1830) ca 1830 (or 1822) GA
Elbert Dean (c1824) 1824 SC

Simeon Dean (1836) ca 1833 SC
Franklin Dean (c1835) ca 1835 SC
Walter Dean (c1837) ca 1837 SC
Thomas Dean (c1840) ca 1840 GA
  • Marcus Lafayette served in the Civil War, 13th Ga. Cavalry Co. A 147th Regiment.
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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ See especially page 18 of "The Abney Family Researcher" September 1998, Vol II, Issue IV. [1].
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