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The Château d'Apcher is a ruined feudal castle in the commune of Prunières in the Lozère département of France. The castle is situated in the north of Gévaudan, between Saint-Chély-d'Apcher and Le Malzieu-Ville, not far from the Truyère.

The castle was built and altered in the 11th century, with further building in the 12th and 14th centuries. The baron of Apchier ruled over the whole of the northern Aubrac plain, surrounded by the baronies of Peyre and Mercœur. However, the main castle, at Apcher, was not in the centre of the barony but in its east. The first record of the castle is from 1180, when Garin de Châteauneuf, seigneur of Apcher and co-seigneur of Châteauneuf-Randon, paid homage to the Bishop of Mende, Aldebert III du Tournel. The son of a family from Randon, Garin had married Alix d'Apchier, the last inheritor of the first Apchier family.

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