Catherine Blanchan (1629-1706)
Catherine Blanchan
Sex: Female
Birth: 1629
Mannheim, Germany
Death: 1706
Kingston, New York
Father: Matthew Blanchan (?-1688)
Mother: Magdeline Joire (1611-?)
Spouse/Partner: Louis Du Bois (1626-1696)
Marriage: October 10, 1655
Mannheim, Germany
Children: Abraham Du Bois (1657-1731)
Isaac Du Bois (c1659-1690)
Jacob Du Bois (c1661-1745)
Sarah Du Bois (c1664-1726)
David Du Bois (?-?)
Solomon Du Bois (1670-1759)
Rebecca Du Bois (?-?)
Rachel Du Bois (?-?)
Louis Du Bois II (1677-1729)
Matthew Du Bois (?-?)

Birth[edit | edit source]

Catherine was born 1629 in Mannheim, Germany, to parents Matthew Blanchan (?-1688) and Madeline Jorisse ? (?-?).

Marriage to Louis Du Bois[edit | edit source]

On October 10, 1655, Catherine married Louis Du Bois (1626-1696) in Mannheim, Germany.

Children by Louis Du Bois[edit | edit source]

Death[edit | edit source]

Catherine died 1706 in Kingston, New York.

References[edit | edit source]

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