Catharina Groeneveld was born 7 September 1863 in Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands to Jacobus Groeneveld (1822-1881) and Catharina van Vliet (1822-1896) and died 29 April 1922 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. She married Simon Hogendoorn (1851-1932) 23 December 1885 in Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands.

Early Life

Catharina Groeneveld was born on 7 September 1863 in Haarlem. Her parents were Jacobus Groeneveld (1822-1881), a factory worker and Catharina van Vliet (1822-1896). Her paternal grandparents had died, but she would have known her maternal grandparents, Abraham Philippo (1802-1882) and Susanna van Vliet (1800-1871), who lived nearby. Catharina's surviving siblings were Suzanna and Abraham. Jacobus, Abraham, Abraham, Catharina, Gerardus and Frits died in infancy.


Catharina married Simon Hogendoorn (1851-1932) on 23 December 1885 in Haarlem. Simon was a smith also from Haarlem. He was twelve years Catharina's senior. Catharina and Simon were married for 36 years and had nine children.


Offspring of Catharina Groeneveld and Simon Hogendoorn (1851-1932)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Simon Hogendoorn (1886-) 18 January 1886 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands Aaltje Hart (c1888-1942)
Catharina Hogendoorn (1890-) 9 January 1890 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands 9999 Netherlands Pieter van der Horst (c1891-1920) Pieter van der Horst (c1891-1920) Johannes Cornelis Janssen (1888-)
Pieternella Hogendoorn (1891-) 14 December 1891 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands Johan Eduard Frederik Schiffer (c1889-)
Marchien Hogendoorn (1893-1964) 25 September 1893 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands 17 August 1964 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands Johan Overmars (1891-1946)
Hendrica Hogendoorn (1895-1895) 11 May 1895 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands 11 August 1895 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands
Suzanna Hogendoorn (c1896-)
Cornelia Maria Hogendoorn (1898-1962) 7 April 1898 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands 16 January 1962 Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands Dirk de Vries (1898-1953)
Frits Hogendoorn (1901-)
Johanna Hogendoorn (1903-1904)

Later Life

Catharina and Simon spent their whole lives in and around Haarlem. They spent brief periods in Schoten and Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude, before returning to Haarlem.

Catharina passed away on 29 April 1922 in Haarlem aged 58. Simon outlived her by ten years before he died on 10 November 1932 aged 81.

Further Notes on Children

  1. Simon Hogendoorn (born 1886) ship clinker, married in Haarlem on 29 January 1908 to Aaltje Hart (born about 1888), the daughter of Hermanus Hart and Lijsbet Man.
  2. Catharina Hogendoorn (born 1890), married in Haarlem on 7 January 1914 to Pieter van der Horst, a workman aged 22. After Pieter died Catharina married in Haarlem on 23 November 1922 to Johannes Cornelis Janssen, a life insurance agent aged 34.


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