Only placenames or subcategories are permitted in this category and its subcategories. These are used for maintaining a valid placename list used for form autocompletion and other error checking. Please use the other placename categories to classify events or people by place.

A strict naming standard for this particular category tree is necessary for the correct operation of Familypedia software. These standards are actively enforced by administrators.

Pattern: [[Category:Valid name- {geography unit} of {placename}]] where:

  • geography unit = locality; county; or subdivision. No variations please.
  • place name = a place name which appears exactly as it does in the title of its English Wikipedia article. EG: "Netherlands" not "The Netherlands".
Left Note: Misnamed categories will be moved or deleted.

  • Locality refers to a settlement that is independent of a larger locality. A locality might be a village, hamlet, town, city or major metropolitan area. In the case of communities, neighborhoods, wards, suburbs and other places that are part of a larger locality, these sublocalities should be encoded using the places-other property.
For more details on this topic, see Project:Classification conventions (geographic names).

SMW characteristics:

  • All pages in this category will use the form locality.

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