This series of articles is designed to help organize information about the Rutherford ancestry of the Wigton Walker line. Many Wigton Walkers trace their descent from John Walker II (c1682-1734) and Katherine Rutherford (c1682-1738) as described by White, 1902. White, 1902 goes on to decribe Katherine's ancestry, identifying her parents as John Rutherford (?-?) and Isabella Alleine (?-?). John Rutherford is said by White, and some of her sources to be closely related to Rev. Samuel Rutherford (c1600-1661), while Isabella Alleine is said to be related to Rev. Joseph Alleine (1634-1668). The Rev. Samuel Rutherford was a well known member of the Presbytrian clergy, and author of the work Lex Rex, a treatise significant in the evolution of the limitation on the rights of the monarchy. The Rev. Joseph Alleine was a member of the Puritan clergy, and also well known for his Alarm to the Unconverted, a work still in print today, and which apparently received widespread circulation in America. While White, (and others) clearly believe there is a connection between Katherine and both Rev. Samuel and Rev. Joseph, the evidence to support this is limited. The main purpose of this set of collective articles is to gather the available information about these relations, so that the interested reader can more easily evaluate the data that bears on this question.

The following table provides links to specific articles on the Rutherford-Alleine Problem. The articles are not intended to be read in any particular order, but are designed to provide the reader with information needed to explore the problem, along with commentary and analysis. My personal conclusions are explictly included in the final article listed. Others may have different perspectives, and may reach different conclusions.

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