Casper Springsteen was born circa 1616 in Groningen, Netherlands and died before 1652 of unspecified causes. He married Geertje Jans Unknown (bef1625-aft1652), wife of Casper Springsteen 1640 in Netherlands.


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Offspring of Casper Springsteen and Geertje Jans Unknown (bef1625-aft1652), wife of Casper Springsteen
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joost Casperse Springsteen (c1640-1729)
Johannes Casperse Springsteen (c1642-1693) 1642 1693 Maria Johannes Theunis (c1642-aft1667)
Melchior Casperse Springsteen (c1644-aft1714)
Barbara Casperse Springsteen (c1650-1711)

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