Caleb Levick was born 1755 and died 1817 of unspecified causes. He married Rachel Bedinger (c1755-1830) 13 January 1793 .


Caleb Levick is commonly said to have been born in France in 1755. There seems to be no primary source material to support this, and there is some reason to believe that he was born in Delaware. If so his grandsire may have been Richard Levick (?-1686) who settled in Kent County, DE, in 1680 with wife Mary.

Our first records for Caleb are found in Loyalists muster rolls of Captain Rutton's Company, 4th Brigade of the New Jersey Volunteers. These rolls show that he enlisted in the 7th of July 1778, and served as a private on Staten Island, NY, and in Hoboken, NJ until 14 July, 1779, when he is shown as a deserter. Military Land Grant recordes show him as having enlisted with the Virginia Continental Line, under Captain Joseph Swearingen. We do not have dates for his enlistment, but it appears that he served until the end of the War, first as a corporal, and later as a sergeant.

Our next record for him shows him on the tax records of Duck Creek Hundred, Kent Co., DE. This is the same general area in which Richard Levick, probable grandsire, was living beginning 1680. The unsupported idea that he was born in France may come from an assumption that the name "Levick" was a corruption of "Le Veque". There is reputed to be a record for Caleb in Delaware as November of 1791, but the basis of that is unknown. (It is possible that the Caleb Levick who enlisted in the New Jersey Volunteers, and/or appears in the Kent County records is a different person than the Caleb Levick about whom this article has been written. Additional evidence to show if these records are for the same person is needed.)

Sometime after the war he settled in Shepherdstown, Berkeley/Jefferson Co VA/WV. Extracts of Berkeley Co marriage records show him marrying on 13 January, 1793 to both Rachel Taylor, or Rachel Bedinger (c1755-1840). If these extracts are accurate, perhaps one record lists her under her maiden name, and the other under her name in a prior marriage. This remains a significant issue in working with the ancestry of Rachel's family. Land grant records, however, clearly identify her first name as "Rachel". For practical reasons we are currently assuming her name was "Bedinger".

Caleb and Rachel made their home in what is now Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co, WV. Here they raised six children, most of whom are identified in the land grant records. Caleb died in 1817, and was buried in the Old Episcopal Cemetery in Shepherdstown. After his death Rachel remarried to Alexander Ayers. Ayers apparently died shortly after their marriage, as Rachel is listed as "Rachel Ayers, widow of Alexander Ayers", in land grant records when she sought to obtain land in 1818 based on Caleb's military service in the Revolution.

Following the death of Caleb, Rachel moved first to Darke County Ohio c1820, and then to Parke Co., Indiana, c 1823. Some of her children also moved with her, includeing the adult children Mary Levick (1793-1883) and John Levick (1796-1876), as well as (we presume) her minor daughters Ann Levick (?-?) and Margaret Levick (1809-1890).

Rachel probably died in Parke Co Indiana. A stone in the Hixon Cemetery near Rockville lists a Rachel Levick wife of Caleb, age 61 (or 64) years. The date of death, however, is given as "01/xx/1890", which would be too late for Rachel Taylor/Bedinger/Ayers. It seems likely, however, that the stone transcription is in error, and that she probably died sometime around 1840. Some uncertainty is indicated in the transcription itself, since they show her as "age 61 or 64", implying that it was difficult to make out.


DOB: 1755 1755 DOB is consistent with being a Rev. War Veteran. However, the 1791 DOM seems a bit late for someone born in 1755, and may indicate that this is a second marraige.
POB: Kent Co DE, or France ? Indiana DAR report indicates a POB of France. However, there were Levicks in Kent Co DE dating into the 1600's. Caleb appears on tax records in Kent Co in 1785. it seems likely that he was born there, and that the POB of France is based on an interpretation that "Levick" is of French origin---eg, "Le Veque"
DOD: 1817
POD: Shepherdstown WV
Burial: Old Episcopal Cemetery, AKA Trinity Episcopal Cemetery, Shepherdstown, WV DAR, 1981, listed as "Calib Levick"; A cemetery reading by Ann Broun indicates that his headstone shows that he was a Rev. War. Vet, but does not show DOB/DOD.
Spouse: Rachel Bedinger (c1755-1840) Different secondary sources identify Calebs wife as Rachel Bedinger, Rachel Taylor, and rachel Ayers. So far no primary sources have been found give her maiden name. Court records make it clear that her first name was "Rachel". It's possible that he was married more than once. His wife is in probate records as having remarried Alexander Ayers. In 1818 Alexander Ayers is shown as being deceased. Caleb died in 1817, and Alexander by 1818, so Rachel apparently remarried soon after the death of Caleb, only to have Alexander die shortly thereafter. The taylor may be the reuslt of a confusion from a later marriage. Alternative, His first wife may have been Rachel Taylor, his second, Rachel Bedinger. See notes.
DOM: 13 Jan 1793 in Berkeley There is considerable confusion over the DOM. An alternative date given by some is 1791. There seems to be a secondary source of Berkeley Co marriage records (not yet identified by author or title) that includes separate entries for both Rachel Taylor and Rachel Bedinger, giveing the same date of marriage. This may be a transcription error. The identity of the secondary source is being sought. It may be that the 1791 DOM is for Rachel Bedinger, and the 1793 DOM for Rachel Taylor---or vice versa.
POM: Shepherds Town WV



Mary Levick (1793-1883) 1793
1. Thomas Morris 30 Jun 1814 WV Identified as child of Caleb Levick in Court testimony of 28 Jan 1818
2. Frederick Lewis Goldizen (?-?) 1824 WV
Sarah 1794

Jacob Baker

identified in land transaction as daughtr of the late Caleb Levick, and wife of Jacob Baker; Identified as child of Caleb Levick in Court testimony of 28 Jan 1818;
John Levick (1796-1876) 1796 Sarah (?-?)

John is identified as a son of Caleb levick in land transaction, and in court testimony of 28 Jan 1818. Some genealogists give the surname as "Livick"; Some genealogists identify his wife as "Elizabeth" or "Elia", and others as Sarah Crocker. This later identification seems to be based on a John Levick living in Rockingham Co, and is not thought to be related to Caleb. The 1850 and 1860 census of Parke Co. Ind identifies John L. Levick and wife Sarah. Sarah appears in the Hixon cem. listings, but John does not. That John L is the son of Caleb seems to be shown by the presence of his sister mary goldizen, and his mother listed as Rachel Levick. Rachels gravestone in the Hixon cemetery lists her as the wife of Caleb (thought the DOD seems to be miswritten in the transcription.
Elizabeth Levick (1797-1862) 1797

Elijah Reickart (1792-1879) c1817

identified in land transaction as daughter of the late Caleb Levick, and husband of Elijah Reickart; Identified as child of Caleb Levick in Court testimony of 28 Jan 1818


Identified as child of Caleb Levick in Court testimony of 28 Jan 1818

Margaret Levick (1809-1890) 1809
William Hixon (1801-1879)

Identified as child of Caleb Levick in Court testimony of 28 Jan 1818; DOB of 1809 seems quite late if Rachel was born in 1755.

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Land Records

Source:National Archives, Division of Veterans Administration Archives, Bounty Land Record Warrant Card, Form VAM-51, 12-5-41
Name: Caleb Levick Grade:Private Line:Lee's Legion
Warrant Number: 13395 Acreage:100 Issued:November 18th, 1791 "To: ____Not Shown" (Handwritten)

U.S. 1820 Census Record

Year 1820 Commentary
State VA This is the family of Rachel Bedinger Levic. Ancestry presents her name as "Rachel Levis". Son inlaw Elijah Reikart husband of dau. Elizabeth, is shown on the same page.
County Jefferson County
Township Shepherdstown
Link to Ancestry Image
HOH Sex under 1010-under 1616-under 18 16-under 2626-under 45 45-and older
1811-1820 1805-18151803-18041795-18041776-17941775 and up
Rachel Levic Male 2

Female 1 1
Identities? Rachel Bedinger (c1755-1840)

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