Capt Benjamin Hallowell III was born 2 February 1725 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States to Benjamin Hallowell (1699-1773) and Rebekah Briggs (1699-) and died 1799 York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada of unspecified causes. He married Mary Boylston (1722-1795) 13 June 1746 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Benjamin Hallowell III served in the British Navy then after served as His Majesty's Commissioner of Customs for the Port of Boston at the time of the Boston Tea Party. (1774). After the revolutionary war, he and his family fled to York, Upper Canada, then the 2nd capital of Canada and the future Toronto, Ontario.

Marriage and Family

  1. Ward Nicholas Hallowell-Boylston (1749-1828) - philanthropist and world traveler, fled to England for 25 years.
  2. Benjamin Hallowell (1750-)
  3. Thomas Hallowell (1752-)
  4. Mary Hallowell (1753-)
  5. Lucy Hallowell (1757-)
  6. Sarah Hallowell (1757-)
  7. Benjamin Hallowell-Carew (1761-1834) - a senior officer in the Royal Navy. He was one of the select group of officers, referred to by Lord Nelson as his "Band of Brothers", who served with him at the Battle of the Nile.
  8. Mary Hallowell (1762-)
  9. Esther May Hallowell (1763-)



Offspring of Capt Benjamin Hallowell III and Mary Boylston (1722-1795)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ward Nicholas Hallowell-Boylston (1749-1828) 22 November 1747 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States 1828 Princeton, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States Anne Molineux (1748-1779) Anne Molineux (1748-1779) Alice Darrham (1763-1843)
Benjamin Hallowell (1750-)
Thomas Hallowell (1752-)
Mary Hallowell (1753-)
Lucy Hallowell (1757-)
Sarah Hallowell (1757-)
Benjamin Hallowell-Carew (1761-1834) 1 January 1761 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States 2 September 1834 Ann Inglefield (c1776-1850)
Mary Hallowell (1762-)
Esther May Hallowell (1763-)



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