The 2nd-century BC Book of Jubilees, regarded as noncanonical except in the Alexandrian Rite, also dates his birth to 130 AM.[8] According to it, in 231 AM Seth married his sister, Azura, who was four years younger than he was. In the year 235 AM, Azura gave birth to Enos.

Book of Jubilees Narrative

In the apocryphal Book of Jubilees (4:7-11),

7 And Adam and his wife mourned for Abel four weeks of years, [99-127 A.M] and in the fourth year of the fifth week [130 A.M.] they became joyful, and Adam knew his wife again, and she bare him a son, and he called his name Seth; for he said 'GOD has raised up a second seed unto us on the earth instead of Abel; for Cain slew him.'
8 And in the sixth week [134-40 A.M.] he begat his daughter Azûrâ.
9 And Cain took Âwân his sister to be his wife and she bare him Enoch at the close of the fourth jubilee. [190-196 A.M.] And in the first year of the first week of the fifth jubilee, [197 A.M.] houses were built on the earth, and Cain built a city, and called its name after the name of his son Enoch.
10 And Adam knew Eve his wife and she bare yet nine sons.
And in the fifth week of the fifth jubilee [225-31 A.M.] Seth took Azûrâ his sister to be his wife, and in the fourth (year of the sixth week) [235 A.M.] she bare him Enos.


Offspring of Seth and Azura (Seth's sister)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Enos ben Seth Noam, daughter of Seth

other sona and daughters


Offspring of Adam and Eve (4004 BC-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Cain ben Adam 9999 City of Enoch, Land of Nod Awan (?-?)

Abel ben Adam
Seth ben Adam (3670 BC-2758 BC) Azura (Seth's sister)

Awan (?-?) 9999 Mesopotamia 9999 Mesopotamia Cain ben Adam

Azura (Seth's sister) Seth ben Adam (3670 BC-2758 BC)

Other sons and daughters


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