Azmon Woodruff was born 29 November 1802 in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut to Aphek Woodruff (1778-1861) and Beulah Thompson (1782-1808) and died 14 June 1889 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Norton Hart (1796-1851) 1824 .


Conversion to Mormonism

Woodruff joined the Latter Day Saint church on December 31, 1833. At that time, the church numbered only a few thousand believers clustered around Kirtland, Ohio.

Quotation from history of his brother, Wilford Woodruff (1807-1898):

At an early age my mind was exercised upon religious subjects, although I never made a profession until 1830. I did not then join any church, for the reason that I could not find any denomination whose doctrines, faith or practice, agreed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, or the ordinances and gifts which the Apostles taught. Although the ministers of the day taught that the faith, gifts, graces, miracles and ordinances, which the ancient Saints enjoyed, were done away and no longer needed, I did not believe it to be true, only as they were done away through the unbelief of the children of men. I believed the same gifts, graces, miracles and power would be manifest in one age of the world as in another, when God had a church upon the earth, and that the Church of God would be reestablished upon the earth, and that I should live to see it. These principles were riveted upon my mind from the perusal of the Old and New Testament[s], with fervent prayer that the Lord would show me what was right and wrong, and lead me in the path of salvation, without any regard to the opinions of man; and the whisperings of the Spirit of the Lord for the space of three years, taught me that he was about to set up his Church and kingdom upon the earth in the last days. I was taught these things from my youth by Robert Mason, an aged man, who lived in Simsbury, Connecticut, who was frequently called the old prophet Mason. He taught me many things which are now coming to pass. He did not believe that any man had authority to administer in the ordinances of the gospel, but believed it was our privilege, through faith, prayer and fasting, to heal the sick and cast out devils by the laying on of hands, which was the case under his administration, as many could testify.

In 1832, I was inspired to go to Rhode Island; my brother, Asahel, was also directed by the Spirit of God to go to the same place. When we met, we both told our impressions, and it caused us to marvel and wonder what the Lord wanted of us in Rhode Island; but, as we had made preparations to move to the west, we let outward circumstances control us, and, Jonah like, instead of going to Rhode Island, we went to Richland, Oswego County, New York, and there remained until December 29, 1833, when I heard Elders Zera Pulsipher (1789-1872) and Elijah Cheney (1785-1863) preach. My brother Azmon and I believed their testimony, entertained the elders, and offered ourselves for baptism the first sermon we heard. We read the Book of Mormon, and I received a testimony that it was true.

We soon learned what the Lord wanted of us in Rhode Island, for at the time we were warned to go there, two of the elders were preaching there, and had we gone, we should have embraced the work at that time.

December 31.--I was baptized by Elder Zerah Pulsipher; he confirmed me the same evening.

January 2, 1834.--I was ordained a teacher, and my brother Azmon an elder, and a small branch organized of twelve members, by Elder Pulsipher.

Migration to Utah

Azmon stayed in Richland OH until about 1875 and then immigranted to Utah (Farmer's Ward, Salt Lake City).


Offspring of Azmon Woodruff and Elizabeth Norton Hart (1796-1851)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lorenzo Woodruff (1825-1827)
Aphek Lorenzo Woodruff (1827-1891)
Andrew Woodruff (1831-1916)
Elizabeth Woodruff (1834-1847)

Offspring of Azmon Woodruff and Harriet Newell Cole (1823-1870)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Abby E Woodruff (1853-1853)
Henry Azmon Woodruff (1855-1939) 20 May 1855 Palermo, Oswego County, New York 2 February 1939 Cottonwood, Salt Lake County, Utah Emma Manella Woodruff (1860-1905) Emma Manella Woodruff (1860-1905) Martha Ann Harrop (1867-1941)
Eunice Woodruff (1858-1941)




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