Ayub Khan was born circa 1070 and died circa 1117 of poisoning.

Ayub Khan (Russian: Аепа Осенев Polovtsian Khan

Life record He was the son of Khan Yasin. Born about 1070. In 1082 he lost his father, after which he became one of the young princes. Probably acted with his brother Bonyak and his cousin Ayup (son of Khan Girgena).

In 1108, after the severe defeats of the Donets Polovtsians, Sharukanidov made an alliance with the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir Monomakh, marrying his daughter Anna of Cumania to Monomakh's Yuri Dolgoruky.

In 1113, together with his brother, Bonyak captured the fortress of Vir , which they could keep only for a few days, the khans learned about the approach of the Russian wives.

In 1114 Ayub Khan campaigned against the Byzantine Empire, where it plundered the settlements of Bulgarians near Vidin and Branichev, capturing a significant booty. However, maybe soon returned to the Danube lands.

about 1117, Ayub died of a poisonous dish that was cunningly sent by a prince from Volga Bulgaria. As a result, many, including the Khan himself, were poisoned and died, others were beaten and captured in battle. Apparently this was done to prevent a campaign of the Polovtsians against Volga Bulgaria to help the Russian princes.


Offspring of Ayub Khan and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Anna of Cumania (c1092-c1135) 1092 1135 Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruky of Kiev (c1090-1157)



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