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August 9 is the 221st day of the year (222nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 144 days remaining until the end of the year.

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94 Familypedia people were born on August 9

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Divyam AgarwalMr. Pankaj AgarwalMrs. Divya Agarwal
Ida Olympe Frederika Agassiz (1837-1935)Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873)Cécile Emma Braun (1810-1848)
Francis Bailey (1872-1933)Francis Bailey (1849-1926)Ann Thompson (1848-1934)
Jemima Baldwin (1736-1816)Thomas Baldwin (1701-1776)Anne Bingham (1706-1790)
Elizabeth Bartlett (1753-1825)Samuel Bartlett (1696-1759)Elizabeth Lathrop (1725-1759)
Mary Anne Bellamy (1825-1912)James Zadock Bellamy (1798-1875)Hannah Singleton (1802-1869)
Polly Bemis (1791-1871)Sylvester Bemis (1761-1831)Molley Bemis (1765-1847)
Caroline Bennett (1806-1836)Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond (1735-1806)Mary Blazard (bef1806-)
Herbert Bennett (1851-1908)Henry Tapus Bennett (1814-1876)Mary Unicomb (1830-1877)
Henry Betts (1860-1949)Thomas Betts (1811-1896)Mary Wilson (1843-1927)
Alexandru Boicescu (1853-1893)Anastase Boicescu (1807-1872)Elena Bârsescu-Coculescu (1811-1864)
Elizabeth Caroline Boothby (1821-1897)James Brownell Boothby (1791-1850)Charlotte Cunningham (1799-1893)
Richard Midgley Bottomley (1893-1976)Godfrey Bottomley (1854-1943)Sarah Jane Leach (1855-1931)
William Henry Branch (1820-1889)Elisha Branch (1785-1857)Mary Herrick (1793-1823)
Alfred Randolph Brazier (1886-1968)John Hesse Brazier (1845-1933)Ann Donnelly (1846-1935)
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102 Familypedia people died on August 9

 FatherMotherAge at death
Melvin Ohio Adams (1847-1920)Joseph Adams (1818-1891)Dolly Winship Whitney (1819-1901)73
Henry Clay Arnold (1847-1918)William Arnold (1824-1880)Elizabeth Hale (1825-1871)
Leopold III. von Anhalt-Dessau (1740-1817)Leopold II. Maximilian von Anhalt-Dessau (1700-1751)Gisela Agnes von Anhalt-Köthen (1722-1751)77
Albert Ashley (1894-1937)Delphis Philip Lafrenier (1864-1945)Delena S. Valley (1868-1929)
Jonathan Baldwin (c1667-1726)Benjamin Baldwin (1644-1729)Hannah Sergeant (c1644-bef1721)59
Isaac Balica (c1572-1612)Melentie Balica (c1548-1586)Șcheuca Movilă (c1545-c1600)
Gladys May Beeby (1915-1980)Charles Gidney Beeby (1890-1967)Rose Ellen Franks (1886-1921)65
Fidella Sharp Bottom (1836-1923)Samuel Bottom (1799-1882)Mariah Bottom (1806-1855)
Frank W Bowden (1855-1942)Frank Bowden (1828-1869)Sarah Wattus (1830-1883)87
William de Braose, 7th Baron Abergavenny (c1153-1211)William de Braose, 3rd Lord of Bramber (1112-c1192)Bertha of Hereford (c1130-)58
Courtland Philip Livingston Butler (1813-1891)Samuel Herrick Butler (1785-1851)Judith Livingston (1785-1858)78
Eleanor of Anjou (1289-1341)Charles II of Naples (1254-1309)Maria of Hungary (c1257-1325)52
Cecilia Caterson (1849-1930)James Caterson (1815-1870)Catherine Rogers (1822-1893)81
John Ward Christian (1822-1921)Yancy Presley Christian (1781-1839)Sarah Barbara White (1776-1857)
John Wesley Clark (1808-1839)Peletiah Clark (1772-1851)Amy Wilcox (1774-1844)
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94 Familypedia people were first married on August 9

 FatherMotherJoined with
Alice Maud Ida Aldridge (1893-1995)William Aldridge (1858-1943)Georgina Smith (1870-1909)Joseph Wain (1874-1960)
Guglielmo VI del Monferrato (c1173-1223)Bonifacio del Monferrato (1150-1207)Helena del BoscoBerta di Clavesana
Mary Ann Anlezark (1840-1912)John Anlezark (1812-1889)Mary Ann Doyle (1823-1852)Patrick John Brennan (1827-1907)
Andrew Robert Coghill Arbuthnot (1926-2010)Robert (Robby) Wemyss Muir Arbuthnot (1889-1962)Mary (Molly) Coghill (-1986)Audrey Eileen Johnson (c1926)
Henry Tapus Bennett (1814-1876)Richard Bennett (1792-?)Charlotte Taphouse (c1796-1860)Mary Unicomb (1830-1877)
Job Brown (1859-1937)Thomas Brown (1806-1871)Sarah Benn Turk (1811-1902)Hannah Southwell (1865-1931)
Sarah Jane Brown (1832-1915)Jeremiah Brown (1802-1860)Phebe Brightman (1804-)Faxon Chaffee (1817-1870)
Mary Buss (1813-1901)Samuel Standing (c1789)Sophia Buss (1793-1863)Edwin Vidler (1813-1895)
Druzsina Bánffy de Losoncz (1945)Endre Bánffy de Losoncz (1909-1990)Ludovika von Stolberg-Stolberg (1915-c2010)Juan Ocampo (c1940)
Louise Marie of Orléans (1812-1850)Louis Philippe of Orléans (1773-1850)Maria Amelia delle Duo Sicilie (1782-1866)Leopold I of Belgium (1790-1865)
Faxon Chaffee (1817-1870)John Chaffee (1785-1864)Lydia Elliott (1794-1857)Sarah Jane Brown (1832-1915)
Evan Edward Charteris (1864-1940)Francis Richard Charteris, 10th Earl of Wemyss (1818-1914)Anne Frederica Anson (1823-1896)Dorothy Margaret Browne (1888-1961)
John Chaseling (1821-1884)John Chaseling (1799-1876)Ann Everingham (1802-1849)Mary Ann Rose (1821-1893)
Margaret Chaseling (1823-1895)John Chaseling (1799-1876)Ann Everingham (1802-1849)Thomas W Rose (1819-1903)
Henry Cramp (1816-1884)Ellen Cramp (c1793-aft1841)Sophia Parsons (c1826-1894)
... further results
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