Question120px-Circle-question-blue.svg Asbury Mission Church Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, United States


From downtown McCormick, take SC-28 SE. Stay on SC-28 for about 2 miles after US-221 parts to the SW. At this point S-33-200 makes a small loop to the SW. S-33-200 no longer appears to be road and is no longer passable; the southern portion of the road is blocked by a guard-rail and the northern portion appears to be a private driveway. The church and cemetery are supposedly located at the southwestern-most portion of this road.

Attempts to LocateEdit

On 24 November 2001, we attempted to locate this cemetery. The church has since burned down and there remains little debris of the church. In searching the underbrush surrounding where the church used to be, we could find no discernable graves.

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