Arabella Iarca was born 1890 in Romania to Scarlat (Charles) Iarca (1846-1915) and Nomen nescio and died 1955 Bucharest, Romania of unspecified causes.

Arabella Yarka was adopted by Scarlat (Charles) Iarca (1846-1915). It is assumed that she was his illegitimate daughter, her mother being Austrian.

She married Carol (Citta) Davila (1888-1963). Her marriage was not a happy one, as Citta Davila was a gambler. In 1926, after having spent all her dowry, Citta Davila divorced leaving her destitute.

After her divorce she attempted unsuccessfully to start a career as actress. In 1928 she played the role of Lucia in the Romanian silent film "Povara" (Load).

Arabella Yarka died in Bucharest in 1955.


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