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April 20 is the 111th day of the year (112th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 254 days remaining until the end of the year.




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85 Familypedia people were born on April 20

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Susannah Adams (1742-1843)Ahaziah Adams (1715-1786)Eleanor Monroe (1715-1748)
Margaret Bridget Allred (1866-1934)James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)Elizabeth Bridget Manwaring (1821-1866)
Stephen Arnold (1739-1810)Joseph Arnold (1710-1776)Hannah Gifford (1715-1798)
Lillis Ballou (1805-1897)Seth Ballou (1772-1860)Sophia Batton Anderson (1776-1830)
Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 17th Baron Dacre (1717-1786)Richard Barrett (1682-1716)Anne Lennard, 16th Baroness Dacre (1684-1755)
Charles Beasley (1828-1905)Charles Beasley (1807-1876)Mary Charlton (1809-1853)
Mervyn Sharp Bennion (1925-2003)Mervyn Sharp Bennion (1887-1941)Annie Louise Clark (1899-1997)
Eli Whitney Blake (1836-1895)Eli Whitney Blake (1795-1886)Eliza Maria O'Brien (1795-1876)
Anna Christina Louisa Blok (1862-1930)Elias Blok (1835-1876)Johanna Francisca van Tinteren (1838-1926)
Napoleon III Bonaparte (1808-1873)Louis Bonaparte (1779-1844)Hortense E.C. de Beauharnais (1783-1837)
Lauraine Margaret Elizabeth Boyte (1936-2017)Albert Victor Boyte (1899-1970)Lillian Elizabeth Andersen (1905-1999)
Sarah Ann Brown (1804-1869)Alexander Brown (1770-1843)
Alexander Brownlow (1864-1918)John Brownlow (1838-1867)Isabella Fraser (1832-1920)
James Brudenell, 5th Earl of Cardigan (1715-1811)George Brudenell, 3rd Earl of Cardigan (1685-1732)Elizabeth Bruce (c1689-1745)
Richard Bushnell (1623-1660)Francis Bushnell (c1587-1646)Ferris Quenell (c1587-1628)
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100 Familypedia people died on April 20

 FatherMotherAge at death
Joseph Adair (1806-1858)James Adair (1770-1840)Rebecca Unknown Adair (c1775-)52
Abigail Allyn (c1712-1790)Joseph Allyn (1671-bef1743)Mary Doty (1671-bef1743)78
Adeline Brooks Andrus (1813-1898)Jonathan Andrus (1783-1870)Lucina Pearson Parsons (1789-1870)85
John Ardern (1769-1857)James Ardern (1723-)Elizabeth Unknown (-)
Margaret Arderne (c1606-1644)Henry Ardenerne (1603-1703)
Gisela Agnes von Anhalt-Köthen (1722-1751)Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen (1694-1728)Friederike Henriette von Anhalt-Bernburg (1702-1723)29
James Badger (1772-1850)Joshua Badger (1751-1787)Ruth Waite (1752-1837)78
Joseph Bailey (1845-1928)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)83
Keziah Bair (1810-1856)Christopher Bair (1770-1834)Susan Baum (1776-1849)
Sarah Baldwin (1707-1787)Jonathan Baldwin (c1667-1726)Susannah Kitchell (c1665-1743)80
George Frederick Bath (1866-1937)Christopher Bath (1828-1900)Caroline Ann English (1839-1925)71
John Bent (1663-1676)Peter Bent (1629-1678)Elizabeth Agnes Barnes (1628-1704)
Anne Bermingham (1485-1542)Richard De Bermingham (1457-)Ann Berford (1460-)57
John Bolling (1676-1729)Robert Bolling (1646-1709)Jane Rolfe (1650-c1677)53
Ewoud Brandsen (1799-1883)Jacob Brandsen (1763-1847)Marijtje Laan (1769-1848)
... further results

85 Familypedia people were first married on April 20

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Ashcroft (c1780-1855)Elizabeth Ann Tebbutt (1790-1847)
Catherine Backhouse (1849-1929)John Backhouse (1817-1907)Ann Barrett (1818-1852)John Edward Roughley (1848-1938)
Edward Charles Baring, 1st Baron Revelstoke (1828-1897)Henry Baring (1776-1848)Cecilia Anne Windham (1803-1874)Louisa Emily Charlotte Bulteel (1839-1892)
Asa Barnes (1756-1812)Frederick Barnes (1727-1778)Mary Howe (1727-1813)Matilda Woods (1757-)
Georgiana Augusta Berkeley (1749-1820)Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (1716-1755)Elizabeth Drax (c1720-1792)George Forbes, 5th Earl of Granard (1740-1780)+Samuel Little (bef1781-)
Jan Besseling (1787-1868)Gerardus Besseling (1756-1823)Marijtje Nuin Fokel (?-?)Immerentiana Ootes (1787-1856)
John Blanch (1817-1903)Edward Blanch (c1787-1860)Maria B Ashdown (c1789-1837)Lucy Neale (1818-1876)
Lilian Elizabeth Blundred (1916-1990)John Thomas Blundred (1896-)Mary Jane Broadaway (1897-1978)Thomas Davis (1909-1994)
Cornelia Botman (1849-1909)Meindert Jansz Botman (1815-1856)Rigt Kok (1819-1893)Pieter Visser (1847-1912)
Dirk Braakman (1806-1836)Jacob Braakman (1773-1825)Geertje Groot (-bef1809)Antje Louter (1806-1874)
Thomas Brand (1749-1794)Thomas Brand (c1717-1770)Carolina Pierrepont (c1716-1753)Gertrude Roper, 19th Baroness Dacre (1750-1819)
Katarina Branković (c1418-1492)Đurađ Branković (1377-1456)Irene Kantakouzene (c1400-1457)Ulrich II, Count of Cilli (1406-1456)
Louisa Britton (1817-1876)John Britton (1774-1862)Sarah Adcock (c1780-1849)Frederick Stokes (1818-1871)
Alice Mary Ethel Brown (1914-2007)George Brown (1875-1953)Minnie Ethel Christie (1877-1918)Athol Woodward Brown (1914-1999)
Athol Woodward Brown (1914-1999)Herbert William Brown (1888-1944)Minneva Annie Starr (1886-1973)Alice Mary Ethel Brown (1914-2007)
... further results
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