Antal Mocsáry was born circa 18 September 1757 in Bozók, Krupina District, Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia to Balázs Mocsáry and died 24 May 1832 in Lapujtő, Nógrád County, Northern Hungary Region, Hungary of unspecified causes.

Antal Mocsáry was born on September 18, 1757 in the village of Bozók of former Hont County, Holy Roman Empire (now called Bzovík in Krupina District, Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia.

In 1790 he was appointed judge and chief law enforcement officer of Nógrád County and in 1800 he was promoted member of the multicounty board , while still keeping his assignment as judge.

He married Mária Darvas. Their marriage was childless. After his wife's death he retired completely from public life and lived exclusively on his family's estate in Lapujtő, writing poetry and studying sciences. He was in close contact with some of the intellectuals of his era such as András Fáy, Mihály Vitkovics and Ferenc Kazinczy

He died on May 24, 1832 at his estate in the village of Lapujtő (now called Karancslapujtő), Nógrád County, Northern Hungary Region, Hungary.


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