Annetje Barentsen Bradt (1663-)
Annetje Barentsen Bradt
Sex: Female
Birth: 1663
Albany, New York
Father: Barent Albertszen Bradt (1634-1716)
Mother: Susanna Dirkse De Mayer (bef1633-1722)
Siblings: Anthony Barentsen Bradt
Dirck Barentsen Bradt
Maritje Barentsen Bradt
Spouse/Partner: Salomon Frederick De Boog (1660-1753)
Children: Frederick De Boog
Barent De Boog (c1689-aft1716)

Birth[edit | edit source]

Annetje was born 1663 in Albany, New York, to parents Barent Albertszen Bradt (1634-1716) and Susanna Dirkse De Mayer (bef1633-1722).

Marriage to Salomon De Boog[edit | edit source]

Annetje married Salomon Frederick De Boog (1660-1753).

Children by Salomon De Boog[edit | edit source]

The known children of Salomon and Annetje are as follows:

Ancestors[edit | edit source]

For a list of the known ancestors of Annetje Bradt, click here.

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