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Anna Marie Jensen (1854-1896) was an immigrant from Farsund, Norway to the United States in 1882. (b. June 20, 1854; Farsund, Norway - d. November 22, 1896; Chicago, Illinois)

Name variations[edit | edit source]

  • Anna Marie Jensen
  • Maria Jensen
  • Mary Jensen

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Marriage[edit | edit source]

She married Peder Matthias Olsen (1849-1896) of Farsund, Norway around 1880.

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Death[edit | edit source]

She died on November 22, 1896 at age 42 of cancer of the liver. Her husband had just died 11 days earlier of heat stroke.

Research on Anne Marie Jensen (1854-1896)[edit | edit source]

  • Else Egeland (1960- ) writes: "I have checked emigrant-lists etc. here in Norway. Anne (Ane) M Jensen, Farsund, was daughter of Jens Jakob Hansen and Ane Marie Gabrielsdatter, lived in Farsund 1865 (census, mother was widow in 1865). Born 19 June 1854 in Farsund, and according to the church protocol her name was Ane Marie Jensen. Ane's (Anne's) siblings are Hans Kristian, Hans Gabriel, Anton, Juliane, Johanne, Jens, Andreas and Johan. In the emigration lists I so far can find only one that can match; Ane Malene Olsen, married to Peder Olsen b. 1844, left Kristiansand, Norway for Chicago 28 February 1874. But if that is her, Malene and Marie is mixed, and her birth year in the protocols is 1841 ... I can not find a marriage record. The local history books from Herad near Farsund says that Peder Olsen Egeland (my grandfathers uncle) born 1844 emigrated to Chicago in the 1870s. There is also a Peder Olsen going in 1883 (married, lives in America, the same?) and one in 1885 (unmarried), both born 1844."
  • Sue Higginbotham Chadwick wrote on January 24, 2014 via Facebook: "I'm just looking at Anne Marie Jensen on Familypedia and see only 4 children listened. Not sure how to edit, but it is missing Harold Olsen and Theresia Johanne Olsen. My grandpa told me there were 6 children and the family bible lists 6. Death date for Theresia is 17 May 1878 in Chicago. Harold died in childhood.

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