Anna van Delft 1785-1859) was born 1785 in Drunen, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands to Arnoldus van Delft (1753-1820) and Johanna van Duppen (1756-1808) . He married Johannes Vesters (1781-1834) 9 May 1811 in Drunen, North Brabant, Netherlands.



Anna van Delft was born and baptized on July 15, 1785 in Drunen Brabant of the States, United Provinces of the Netherlands. Godparents were Cornelius van Duppen en Maria van Broeckhoven. Anna was daughter of Arnoldus van Delft and Johanna van Duppen.


The ancestors of Anna.

Duchy of Brabant in 1477

Historical context
Brabant of the States (Dutch: Staats-Brabant) was the northern part of the Duchy of Brabant, most of the present province of North Brabant. The Generality Lands (dutch: Generaliteitslanden) were about one fifth of the territories of the Dutch Republic or United Provinces of the Netherlands and were directly governed by the States-General of the Netherlands (Dutch: States-General).

Unlike the seven provinces Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, Overijssel, Friesland and Groningen, these territories were not represented in the central government. From an economic point of view, they were exploited with heavy taxes and levies. As one author puts it: "Back in the Dutch lap, these so-called Generality countries were for a long time governed as a sort of internal colonies, in which Catholics were seen as second-class citizens."


Anna married at the age of 25 on May 9, 1811 in Drunen with Johannes Vesters, 29 years old, christened on September 30, 1781 in Helvoirt.


Offspring of Anna van Delft and Johannes Vesters (1781-1834)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jeanne (1812-)
Johanna Vesters (1812-1835)
Cornelia Vesters (1814-)
Christiaan Vesters (1816-1894) 20 January 1816 Drunen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands 6 October 1894 Loon op Zand, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Adriana van Oijen (1818-1901)
Wilhelmina Vesters (1818-1906)
Arnoldina Vester (1821-1899)
Jozephus Vesters (1824-1874)
Franciscus Vesters (1827-1907)


The descendants of Anna.


Her husband Johannes died on May 5, 1834 in Drunen, at the age of 52 years. Anna passed away in 1859 in The Netherlands, about 74 years old.


  • 1785 born
  • 1781 married Johanna
  • 1716 son Christiaan born
  • 1785 daughter Anna Born
  • 1834 husband Johannes passed away
  • 1859 passed away

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