Anna Maria Roberts was born circa 1818 in England to John Cocking (1791-1859) and Anna Maria Whitmore (-1875) . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Anna Maria Roberts did not marry John Bacon or Robert John Wilkes. Their wife, Ann Marie Cocking nee Powers (c1812-1914), was the daughter of Thomas Powers and Sarah Cook and arrived in NSW as the convict Ann Cocking in 1839.


Offspring of John Roberts (born as John Cocking) and Anna Maria Whitmore (-1875)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Anna Maria Roberts (c1818-) 1818 England
Peter Roberts (1823-1890) 17 March 1823 London, England, United Kingdom 28 June 1890 "Virginia Waters", Boro Creek, Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia Jane Ockenden (1844-1916)

Mary Ann Roberts (1824-1909) 27 November 1824 London, England, United Kingdom 24 April 1909 Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia Peter Anderson Stewart (1820-1896)

Charles Henry Roberts (1836-1916) 7 October 1836 "Mayfield", Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia 29 November 1916 Faithfull-street, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia Catherine Ann Oakenden (1840-1918)


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