Anna Maria Paulissen was born circa 1710 in Waldorf, Ahrweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany to Laurentz Paulissen (-) and Agnetis Hansen (-) and died after 1745 in Waldorf, Ahrweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany of unspecified causes. She married Petrus Ockenfels (-) 26 January 1745 in Waldorf, Ahrweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Her husband is Petri, Petrus or Petro. His last name spelled as 'Okenfelz' or 'Okenfeltz'.


Offspring of Anna Maria Paulissen and Petrus Ockenfels (-)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Antonius Ockenfels (1745-1785)
Petrus Ockenfels (1748-)
Joannes Mathaeus Ockenfels (1750-)
Maria Catharina Ockenfels (1752-1814) 11 September 1752 Waldorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 25 October 1814 Waldorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Petrus Froembgen (bef1760-bef1791)
Joannes Josephus Scherer (c1759-1808)

Maria Gertrudis Ockenfels (1755-1817)
Joannes Mathias Ockenfels (1757-)
  • There is a death record for a child of Petri Ockenfeltz and Annae Mariae Paulissen on 07 Feb 1759, burial the next day. There is no name or age, but it lists gender as male. It could be one of the above, or a new child who died as an infant.
  • Maria Catharina Ockenfels death record shows she married Petri Froemgen adn died in Waldorf on 25 Oct 1814.

  • Maria Gertrudis Okenfelz married Nicolaus Seul (1756-) 16 Jan 1785. Petri Okenfelz and Annae Mariae were her parents. Nicolai Seul and Susannae Pira were his.
They had the following children: Maria Margaretha Seul (1797-1798), and Petrus Seul married Anna Maria Deidenbach on 06 Jun 1808.
  • Petrus married Anna Hoss (1761-1826) 13 Jan 1789. Antonii (Antonius) Hoss and Anna Wasweiler were her parents. Petri Okenfelz and Annae Mariae were his.
  • Maria Catharina Ockenfels
NOTE: Her death record says she was married to Petri Froemgen (-) at time of death. Her marriage record for Petrus Froembgen is from 23 Jan 1774 and says that her parents are Petri Ockenfeltz and Mariea. His parents are Antonii Froembgen and Clarae.
NOTE: She married Joannes Josephus Scherer (c1759-1808) 08 Nov 1791. His parents are: Josephi Scherer and Margarethae. Petri Okenfelz and Annae Mariae were hers. His death record, 15 Aug 1808 in Waldorf, lists Maria Catharina Ockenfels as his wife and his parents as Josephi Scherer and Margaretha Georges. She was listed as a widow at this marriage.
NOTE: Just to confuse things further, there is a second Maria Catharina Ockenfels listed as the wife of Joannes Wilhelmus Hoss (c1734-1804) on his death record. Also in Waldorf.

Possible Family Members

  • Death record for Petrus Okenfels in Waldorf on Mar 17, 1780 has not further information. Could be son or husband or not related at all.
  • Death record for Laurentius Paulissen lists only his death date: 18 Nov 1737 and location: Waldorf. No way to confirm his relationship.
  • A death record exists for an unnamed child born to Laurentio Paulissen and Agneti Hansen in Waldorf on 21 Nov 1728. It is possible that these are the same parents as Anna.
  • Gertrudis Paulissen married Arnoldus Dedenbach 16 Apr 1730. Parents:Laurentii Paulissen and​ Agnetis Hansen.
  • Joannes Paulissen married Catharinae Schmit 19 Apr 1744. Parents: Laurentz Paulissen and Agnetis Hansen.
  • Antonius Paulissen married Anna Maria Hoss 09 Jan 1748. Parents: Laurentz Paulissen and Agnetis.



  • Possible Match: Nov 6, 1795. No parent or spouse included in record. Died in Waldorf.

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