Ann Sutton was born circa 1582 in Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom to Edward Sutton (c1550-) and Anne Stanley (c1550-) and died circa 1686 England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. She married Richard Eltonhead (1582-1664) .


Ann's husband was RICHARD ELTONHEAD, son of WILLIAM ELTONEAD and ANNE BOWERS of Lancashire, England.


Offspring of Ann Sutton and Richard Eltonhead (1582-1664)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Eltonhead (c1615-1657)
Agatha Eltonhead (1622)
Jane Eltonhead (1623-c1660)
Eleanor Eltonhead (c1624)
Richard Eltonhead (c1626-aft1664)
Martha Eltonhead (1628-1689) 1628 Lancashire, England, United Kingdom 1689 Middlesex County, Virginia, United States Edwin Conway (c1610-c1674)
Alice Eltonhead (c1630-aft1671) 1627 1671 Rowland Burham (c1630-) Henry Corbin (c1630-) Rowland Burham (c1630-) Henry Corbin (c1630-) Henry Creyke (c1630-)

WILLIAM ELTONHEAD born Abt 1615 in Lancashire, England. He married Jane Fenwick. He died 14 May 1657 in Calvert County, Maryland.

AGATHA ELTONHEAD was born 10 February 1622 in Lancashire, England. She married first to Luke Stubbins. He died Bef 1645 in Accomac County, Virginia. Agatha then married Ralph Wormley, Sr. 13 July 1645 in Northampton County, Virginia. She married the third time to Sir Hanry Chicheley who was Colonial Governor of Virginia.

JANE ELTONHEAD was born 23 March 1623 in Lancashire, England. She died Abt 1660 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. She married twice. Her first husband is Robert Moryson. She married secondly to Cuthbert Fenwick. He was born Bef 1620 and died 1655 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Cuthbert Fenwick had immigrated to Maryland with the First Settlers in 1634. He was an intimate friend of Gov. Leonard Calvert and was a Member of the Maryland Assembly in 1649.

ELEANOR ELTONHEAD was born Aft 1623 in Lancashire, England. She married twice. Her first husband was Col. John Carter. He was born Bef 1640 in England and died June 1669 in Nomini Hall, Lancaster County, Virginia. She married Capt. William Brocus Abt 1645. He was born Bef 1619 in England. Both were members of the Virginia Council.

RICHARD ELTONHEAD was born Abt 1626 in Lancashire, England. He married Ann Massey. He died Aft September 1664.

MARTHA ELTONHEAD was born 26 September 1628 in Lancaster County, England. She died Aft 1652 in Virginia. She married EDWIN CONWAY, SR. He brought Martha from England to Virginia in 1652 as a headright. EDWIN CONWAY, SR. was born Abt 1610 in Worcestershire, England and died Abt 26 January 1664 in Lancaster County, Virginia. This is Marianne's 9th great grandparents as well as President Barack Obama's. Marianne descends from their daughter ELTONHEAD CONWAY, who married HENRY THACKER, SR.

ALICE ELTONHEAD was born Abt 1630 in Lancashire, England and died Aft 1671 in Middlesex County, Virginia. She married three times. Her first husband was Rowland Burham. She married second to Henry Corbin 25 July 1656 in Middlesex County, Virginia. She married thirdly to Henry Creyke after 1656.

Descent from Henry II

Line of ascendancy to Henry II, King of England: correct (March 2009) lineage of Martha Eltonhead and her daughter Eltonhead Conway. contributed by Marianne Dillow, given to her by Douglas Richardson, author of "Plantagenet Ancestry, 2004" and "Magna Carta Ancestry", 2005.

Henry II, King of England, with a mistress, Ida de Tosny.

William Longespée, Knt., 3rd Earl of Salisbury, married Ela of Salisbury.

Stephen Longespée, Knt., of King’s Sutton, Northamptonshire, married Emeline de Ridelisford.

Ela Longespée married Roger la Zouche, Knt., of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.

Alan la Zouche, Knt., Lord Zouche, married Eleanor de Segrave.

Maud la Zouche married Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand.

Maud (or Matilda) de Holand married Thomas de Swinnerton, Knt., 3rd Lord Swinnerton.

Robert de Swinnerton, Knt., 4th Lord Swinnerton, married Elizabeth de Beke.

Maud Swinnerton married John Savage, Knt., of Clifton, Cheshire.

Mary Savage married (as his 1st wife) William Stanley, Esq., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire.

William Stanley, Esq., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, married Alice Hoghton (or Houghton).

William Stanley, Knt., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, married Agnes Grosvenor.

William Stanley, Knt., Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, married Anne Harington.

Peter Stanley, Esq., of Moor Hall (in Aughton), Lancashire, married Cecily Tarleton.

Anne Stanley married Edward Sutton, Gent., of Knowsley (in Huyton), Lancashire and Hall House (in Rushton Spencer), Staffordshire.

Ann Sutton married Richard Eltonhead, Gent., of Eltonhead (in Prescot), Lancashire.

Martha Eltonhead married Edwin Conway, Gent., of Northampton and Lancaster Counties, Virginia.

Eltonhead Conway married Henry Thacker, sr.

Famous descendants

Footnotes (including sources)

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  • President Obama's ancestor, number 28367.
  • Obama on WARGS
  • "Plantagenet Ancestry, 2004" and "Magna Carta Ancestry, 2005" by Douglas Richardson. Cavalier and Pioneers,

Lancastershire Records in England; Norhampton, Lancaster and Middlesex Records in Virginia and personal family records of Marianne's family.

  • Marianne Dillow
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