Ann Alice Gheen Kimball (1827-1879)

Mormon Pioneer, Plural Wife of LDS Church Leader Heber C Kimball and Grandmother of LDS Church President Spencer W Kimball

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Ann Gheen and her younger sister Amanda Trimble Gheen (1830-1904) were both plural wives to LDS Church President Heber C Kimball.

In her later years, Ann was an invalid and her daughter Alice was very devoted in taking care of her.

She bore twins to Heber C Kimball. The boy, Andrew, would later father Spencer Kimball who would become 12 the President of the LDS Church. The girl, Alice, has the unique distinction to be daughter of one LDS Church President (Heber Kimball) and wife to another (Joseph F Smith).

Children of Ann Gheen and Heber C Kimball Edit

  1. Samuel Heber Kimball (1851-1943) - m. Rosabell Thomas and Martha Schofield - in Salt Lake City, 1870. Ran successful freight busines across the Great Plans and was the LDS bishop of the Grouse Creek Ward. A rancher/farmer that pioneered Grouse Creek, northern Utah, and Alberta, Canada.
  2. Daniel Heber Kimball (1856-1936) - m. Johanna Okelberry
  3. Andrew Kimball (1858-1924) - twin of Alice, LDS Pioneer and President of the LDS St Joseph Arizona Stake and father to LDS Apostle and 12th Church President, Spencer Woolley Kimball (1895-1985). m. Olive Woolley
  4. Alice Ann Kimball (1858-1946) - twin of Andrew, she was a plural wife of Joseph F Smith, 6th President of the LDS Church and bore him 7 children.
  5. Sarah Gheen Kimball (1861-1913) - m. Louis Seckels - two children

1860 US Census Edit

Listed at age 32 in the 18th Ward of Great Salt Lake City.

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Died 12 Oct 1879 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Widow of Heber C Kimball. Birth 02 Dec 1827 in Chester Co, Pennsylvania.

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