Andreas von Forray was born 1718 in Săvârşin, Arad County, Holy Roman Empire and died 10 December 1788 Săvârşin, Arad County, Holy Roman Empire of unspecified causes.

Andreas von Forray (Hungarian: András de Forray) was the owner of the estate of Săvârşin (today property of King Michael of Romania). He was also privy councilor and deputy police commissioner. In 1767 he was appointed deputy prefect of the county of Arad and later was promoted to royal advisor for the principality of Transilvania. He was also knight of the Order of Saint Stephen which had recently been created by empress Maria Theresia of Austria.

On June 9, 1784, during the Revolt of Horea, Cloşca and Crişan, Andreas von Forray was kidnapped by outlaw Petre Baciu, commander of one of the insurgent's units and was released only after lengthy negotiations. On November 9, 1784 the castle of Săvârşin was set ablaze by the insurgents. Andreas von Forray participated in the repression of the insurgency.


Offspring of Andreas von Forray and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andreas von Forray (1780-1830) 17 November 1780 Săvârşin, Arad County, Holy Roman Empire 18 August 1830 Futog, Austrian Empire Julie Brunswik von Korompa (1786-1866)


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