Cosimo I de' Medici (June 12, 1519 [1] – April 21, 1574) was Duke of Florence, ruling from 1537 to 1574, and became the first Grand Duke of Tuscany. Cosimo was born in Florence, the son of the famous condottiere Giovanni dalle Bande Nere from Forlì. Cosimo came to power when Alessandro de' Medici was assassinated in 1537 because Alessandro's only male issue was illegitimate. He was from a different junior branch (il Popolani) of the family.

Ancestors in three generations[edit | edit source]

Cosimo I de ' Medici
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Grand duke of Tuscany
See Descendants
Father Paternal Grandparents Paternal Great-Grandparents
Lodovico de' Medici
Gbnere pace 1.jpg
Giovanni dalle Bande Nere
il Popolani Medici
Giovanni the Popolano
il Popolani Medici
Pierfrancesco de' Medici

(the Elder)
il Popolani Medici
Laudomia Acciaiuoli

Caterina Sforza
Caterina Sforza.jpg
Countess of Forlì
Galeazzo Maria Sforza
Piero Pollaiuolo Portrait of Galeazzo Maria Sforza.jpg
Duke of Milan
Lucrezia Landriani
Piero del Pollaiolo - Profile Portrait of a Young Lady - Gemäldegalerie Berlin.jpg
Mother Maternal Grandparents Maternal Great-Grandparents
Maria Salviati
Pontormo, Maria Salviati 2.jpg
Jacopo Salviati

Giovanni Salviati

(d. c.1470)
Maddalena Gondi

Lucrezia di Lorenzo de' Medici
Лукреция Мария Ромола Медичи.jpg
il Cafaggiolo Medici
Lorenzo de' Medici
il Cafaggiolo Medici
Clarice Orsini
Clarice Orsini face.jpg

References[edit | edit source]

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