Ana Barcan was born 1818 in Bucharest, Romania and died 1989 Bucharest, Romania of unspecified causes. She married Nestor Ignat (1918-2016) .


Offspring of Ana Barcan and Nestor Ignat (1918-2016)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Nestor Florin Ignat (1942) 1942 Bucharest, Romania Sanda Ileana Tocitu (1938)


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Ana Barcan was a Romanian actress. Besides her acting career she is also known as a professor at the Institute for Theater and Cinematographic Art of Bucharest. She worked especially in radio production either of plays or of dramatized literary works. She also had important roles in various films such as Mitrea Cocor (1951), În sat la noi (In our village) 1951 and Falansterul (The Falanster) (1979)

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