Alexander Irvine, 16th Baron of Drum and 4th of Artamford was born 9999 in Scotland, United Kingdom to James Irvine, 3rd of Artamford (-c1703) and Margaret Sutherland (c1660-) and died 1744 of unspecified causes. He married Isabel Thomson (c1680-) 1698 .

The Irvines of Artamford would not have been expecting to inherit Drum. However, as can be seen at, the 12th, 14th, and 15th Barons died without issue, and the title reverted to the great-grandson of the younger brother of the 9th Baron after briefly passing to descendants of the younger brother of the 8th Baron. Some legal proceedings had clouded the issue.

Alexander died within a year of succeeding in 1744, but the next seven successions were all father-to-son and averaged 28 years each, one tenure - that of the 18th Baron - lasting 83 years.



Offspring of Alexander Irvine of Drum and Isabel Thomson (c1680-)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Margaret Irvine (c1699-1779)
Isabel Irvine (c1701-)
Janet Irvine (c1703-1782)
James Irvine (c1705-)
Anne Irvine (c1707-1779)
Elizabeth Irvine (c1709-1779)
Alexander Irvine of Drum (c1711-1761) 1711 Scotland, United Kingdom 9 February 1761 Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom Marion Ogilvie (c1725-1796)
Mary Irvine (c1713-1813)


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
¢ Children
  • James died, unmarried, before his father did. The scan of the archived book says this about the daughters: "(1) Margaret, who was married to James Kose of Clava, and died 15th

February, 1779; (2) Isabel; (3) Janet, died 9th March, 1782; (4) Anne, died 1st June, 1779; (5) Elizabeth, died 18th January, 1779; (6) Mary, died in November, 1813." Their birth years here are merely estimated, as is James's, but Alexander's is probably correct because he was stated to have died in February 1761 in his fiftieth year.

Robin Patterson