Alexander Irvine, 8th Baron of Drum was born on an unknown date to Alexander Irvine of Lonmay (c1500-1547) and Elizabeth Ogilvy (c1485-) and died 1603 of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Keith (-c1586) .



Offspring of Alexander Irvine of Drum and Elizabeth Keith (-c1586)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Irvine, 1st of Brucklaw (-1636)
Isabel Irvine of Drum (-)
daughter Irvine (c1555-)
Robert Irvine, 1st of Moncoffer (c1556-)
William Irvine of Beltie (c1558-)
Elizabeth Irvine (c1561-)
Margaret Irvine (c1562-)
Alexander Irvine, 9th of Drum (c1570-1629)
John or James Irvine, 1st of Artamford (-c1636) 9999 Scotland, United Kingdom 1636 Beatrix Irvine


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
¢ Children
  • Macfarlanegenealogy and the Peerage each show nine children but the lists differ slightly. In each, the plus sign indicates recorded children.
  • Macfarlanegenealogy *in Jan 2019) cites only Stirnet and lists children as follows:
+	1. James Irvine, 1st of Brucklaw,   d. Bef 20 Sep 1679
+	2. Isabel Irvine, of Drum [family],   d. Yes, date unknown
 	3. dau. Irvine,   d. Yes, date unknown
 	4. Robert Irvine, 1st of Montcoffer,   b. Abt 1556,   d. Yes, date unknown
 	5. William Irvine, of Beltie,   b. Abt 1558,   d. Yes, date unknown
+	6. Elizabeth Irvine,   b. Abt 1561,   d. Yes, date unknown
+	7. Margaret Irvine,   b. Abt 1562,   d. Yes, date unknown
+	8. Sir Alexander Irvine, 9th of Drum,   b. Abt 1563, Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   d. 1629  (Age ~ 66 years)
+	9. John Irvine, 1st of Artamford,   b. Abt 1564,   d. Yes, date unknown
  • Accessed in Jan 2019, thePeerage (citing clanmacfarlane for Isabel but BP2003 for the others - BP practice is to list all sons before daughters) lists thus:
Alexander Irvine, 9th of Drum+ d. c 1630
Robert Irvine, 1st of Moncoffer
James Irvine+ d. 1636
William Irvine
John Irvine, 1st of Artamford+ d. b 2 Mar 1636
unknown daughter Irvine+
Elizabeth Irvine
Margaret Irvine
Isabel Irvine of Drum+
  • Genealogics lists only three (but cites several publications):
+	1. James Irvine, 1st of Brucklaw and Aucheoch,   b. , in Brucklaw, Aberdeenshire   d. Abt Jan 1635
+	2. Elizabeth Irvine
+	3. Alexander Irvine, 9th of Drum,   b. Abt 1577,   d. Abt 1630  (Age ~ 53 years)
  • So Alexander's birth year could be c1563 or c1577, we will put him in the middle for now.

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