Vital statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Sex : Female
  • Born: c1834 in Scotland
  • Married: 23 April 1851 North Logan, NSW, Australia
  • Died: 29 July 1912 at Canobolas near Orange, N.S.W.

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On marriage certificate: Married 23 April 1851 North Logan, NSW. Grooms details - member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and lived at North Logan. Brides details - member of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and also lived at North Logan. The minister was James Brotherson Laughton, religion Presbyterian and lived at Carcoar. The witnesses were Alexander Tinnock & Ann Muir, of North Logan, and Marrian Sloan, of North Logan.

On death certificate: Agnes died 29 July 1912 at Canoblas near Orange. There is O.A.P. which I think means she was on Old Age pension. They actually have an occupation: domestic duties. She was 78 and died from a) Softening of the brain b) Heart failure. Her medical attendant was C.B. Howse registered and he last saw her on 21st May 1912. Her father was Alexander Tinnock, carpenter, and her mother was Margaret maiden surname not known. The informant was Alec Curran grandson of the deceased from Sale Street Orange. Her death was registered the day after she died on 30th July 1912 at Orange. She was buried on 30th July 1912 in the Church of England Cemetery at Orange and the undertaker was F. Ford. The minister was H. Walker Taylor of the Church of England and the witnesses were John Warren and C.A. Holland. Agnes was born in Scotland and had been in New South Wales for 63 years. She was married at North Logan Station at 17 years to Charles Whiteley. Her children were Elizabeth 60, Henry 59, Mary 58, Charles 57, Margaret 55, Isabella 54, William 52, Agnes 50, Richard J. 47, Annie 45, Maud 38, Janet 34 living, 2 males and 3 females deceased.

Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages: 158 Vol: 80 (Marriage); 1912/011954 126 (Death)

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