Administratively, Hungary is divided into 19 counties (megye, plural megyék). In addition, the capital (főváros), Budapest, is independent of any county government. The counties and the capital are the 20 NUTS third-level units of Hungary.


Hungarian singular Hungarian plural English Quantity Note Main article
régió régiók region 7 NUTS 1 Regions of Hungary
megye megyék county 19 NUTS 2 Counties of Hungary
főváros n.a. capital 1 NUTS 3 Budapest
járás járások township 198 (175 rural and 23 metropolitan) LAU 1 Townships of Hungary
város városok town 302 LAU 2 List of cities and towns of Hungary
megyei jogú város megyei jogú városok town with county rights 23 (county seats without Budapest + 5 additional towns) LAU 2 Town with county rights
nagyközség nagyközségek large municipality 105 LAU 2 Municipalities of Hungary
község községek municipality 2722 LAU 2 Municipalities of Hungary


Since 1996, the counties and City of Budapest have been grouped into 7 regions for statistical and development purposes. These seven regions constitute NUTS' second-level units of Hungary.

Counties and the capital[]

There are also 23 towns with county rights (singular megyei jogú város), sometimes known as "urban counties" in English (although there is no such term in Hungarian). The local authorities of these towns have extended powers, but these towns belong to the territory of the respective county instead of being independent territorial units.


The 175 rural and 23 metropolitan townships in Hungary

The counties and the capital are further subdivided into 198 townships (járások) as of January 1, 2013.

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