Adele Cutts Douglas was born 27 December 1835 in Washington, District of Columbia to James Madison Cutts (1805-1863) and Ellen Elizabeth O'Neale (1813-1897) and died 26 January 1899 in Washington, District of Columbia of unspecified causes. She married Stephen Arnold Douglas (1813-1861) 20 November 1856 in Washington, D.C..


On November 20, 1856, Douglas married a second time, to 20-year-old Adele Cutts, a southern woman from the capital. She was the daughter of James Madison Cutts of Washington, D.C., nephew of President James Madison, and Ellen O'Neal, sister of Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Her great-aunt was the former U.S. First Lady Dolley Madison. Her mother Ellen O'Neal Cutts was from a Maryland Catholic family and raised Adele as a Catholic. With Stephen's approval, she had his two sons baptized as Catholic and reared in that faith.

She had a miscarriage in 1858 and became ill. The following year, Adele gave birth to a daughter, Ellen, who lived only a few weeks. She was left weakened by childbirth.

Offspring of Sen Stephen A Douglas and Adele Cutts (1835-1899)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ellen Douglas (1859-1859)




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