Abigail Warren Howe was born 20 December 1705 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Joshua Warren (1668-1766) and Rebecca Church (1678-1757) and died 22 September 1761 Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married Jedediah Howe (1701-1761) 27 November 1728 in Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts.


Memoir of Peter Gibbons Jr

Citation from the Memoir of Peter Gibbons (1730-1822), son of Peter Gibbons (1702-1729) and Elizabeth Warren (1704-1764), who was raised by Abigail Warren (1705-1761), "Aunt Howe".

He married Elizabeth Warren, who was my mother. They had two children, a son and a daughter; the son died when he was a child, before his father died. My father, catching the smallpox died with it, and left my mother pregnant with me, which was about Christmas 1729. My mother, taking the smallpox, had it very bad, but got well and went from Boston to her father’s in Waltham, where I was born the 9th of April 1730, which was about 3 months and a half after my father died.

When I was about six months old, my Aunt How came to visit her parents soon after she had lost her sucking child, and having no other child, she took me and brought me home with her and sucked me six months longer and became mother to me and I always called her mother. She was a kind mother to me, and so was father as kind; he kept me in his care until I was almost seventeen, then he bound me to John Bradish in Harwick to learn the trade of tanning and shoemaking. When I was 16, father sold his farm at Westborough and moved to Brookfield, and let me out that summer to a farmer in Westborough where I broke my ankle and became a cripple, and so I lost the summer. In the fall, I went to him to Brookfield; he had agreed with Bradish to take me as an apprentice. I went to him in January 24, 1747.


Offspring of Jedediah Howe and Abigail Warren (1705-1761)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Howe (1729-1729)
Jedediah Howe (1730-1730)
Martin Howe (1731-1755)
Elijah Howe (1731-1808) 7 December 1731 Southborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts 28 February 1808 Spencer, Worcester County, Massachusetts Deborah Smith (1741-1816)
Jedediah Howe (1734-1766)
Caleb Howe (1736-)
Abigail Howe (1737-1837)
Silas Howe (1742-)
Dorothy Howe (1746-1827)
Johan Howe (1747-1784)
Joseph Howe (1747-)
Patience Howe (1749-1749)
Solomon Howe (1750-1835)



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