Aaltje van Eerde was born 9 December 1834 in Vollenhove, Overijssel, Netherlands to Peter van Eerde (1805-1883) and Hendrika Kelder (1810-1846) and died 25 February 1908 in Steggerda, Friesland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. She married Marten Scheer (1832-1908) 4 September 1857 in Vollenhove, Overijssel, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Early Life

Aaltje van Eerde was born on 9 December 1834 in Vollenhove. Her parents were Peter van Eerde, a farmer and Hendrika Kelder. Both of her grandmothers were married to one man - Klaas Post (1784-1865). After his first wife died, he married Aaltje's paternal grandmother Aaltje Dikken (1776-1836). Two years after she died, he married Aaltje's maternal grandmother Agnes Zandbergen (1785-1849).

Aaltje was the eldest surviving child of Peter and Hendrika. She had an older sister who was stillborn and five younger siblings: Agnes (1836-1878), Grietjen (1838-aft1915), Jan (1840-1894), Jan Pieters (1842-1900) and Dagien (1844-1932).

Hendrika died on 7 January 1846 aged 35. Peter remarried to Hendrikjen Regelink on 26 October 1855. This marriage provided Aaltje with three half-siblings: Peter (1856-1933), Idigje (1858-1922), Arrien (1861-1865), Albert (1864-1866), Albertje (1866-1922) and Aaltje (1870-1938), as well as a step-brother, Lute Lok (1852-1918).

Peter van Eerde died on 13 September 1883 aged 78 and Hendrikjen died on 21 February 1915 aged 89.


On 4 September 1857 Aaltje married Marten Scheer in Vollenhove. Marten was a farmer from a long-standing farming family in Vollenhove. Aaltje and Marten had eleven children: six sons and five daughters, including a stillborn daughter. They lived in Steenwijkerwold before moving to Weststellingwerf, Friesland.


Offspring of Aaltje van Eerde and Marten Scheer (1832-1908)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Arrien Scheer (c1858-1913)
Hendrika Scheer (1859-1925) 19 November 1859 Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel, Netherlands 28 September 1925 Blankenham, Overijssel, Netherlands Marten Westerhof (1859-1906)

Albert Scheer (1861-1915) 18 November 1861 Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel, Netherlands 5 October 1915 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands Joukje Harmsma (1863-1945)

Pieter Scheer (1864-1944) 17 January 1864 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands 5 March 1944 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands Antje Punter (c1871-)

Geesje Scheer (1866-1941) 2 January 1866 Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel, Netherlands 9 February 1941 Overijssel, Netherlands Gjalt de Vries (1865-1906)

Jentje Scheer (1868-1945) 31 March 1868 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands 10 December 1945 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands Louies Punter (c1867-)
Albert Buma (1881-1968)

Jansje Scheer (1870-)
Jan Scheer (1872-1935) 30 October 1872 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands 29 July 1935 Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands Ytje Buma (1880-1966)

Martinus Scheer (1874-1957) 1874 Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel, Netherlands 1957 Steenwijkerwold, Overijssel, Netherlands Jantje Punter (1870-1946)

Johannes Scheer (1877-)
Lifeless Daughter Scheer (1879-1879)

Later Life

Aaltje and Marten remained in Weststellingwerf in their later years, where Marten worked as a farmer. In September 1907 the couple celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Marten died on 6 January 1908 aged 75. Aaltje lived only seven more weeks, passing away on 25 February aged 73.


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