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943 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 943

Ab urbe condita 1696
Armenian calendar 392
Bahá'í calendar -901 – -900
Buddhist calendar 1487
Coptic calendar 659 – 660
Ethiopian calendar 935 – 936
Hebrew calendar 4703 4704
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 998 – 999
 - Shaka Samvat 865 – 866
 - Kali Yuga 4044 – 4045
Holocene calendar 10943
Iranian calendar 321 – 322
Islamic calendar 331 – 332
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1603
Julian calendar 988
Korean calendar 3276
Thai solar calendar 1486


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People of the year 943 at Familypedia

4 people were born in 943

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Mathilde (943-c981)Louis IV (c920-954)Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
Emma de France (c943-968)Hugh the Great (898-956)Hadwig von Sachsen (c917-959)
Edgar I the Peaceful (943-975)Edmund of Wessex (922-946)Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury (-944)
Rudolf van Loon (c943-c990)Neveling van de BetuweUnknown de Hainaut (c925-c972)

4 children were born to the 2 women born in 943

3 people died in 943

 FatherMotherAge at death
Cunigunde of Vermandois (-943)Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907)Bertha de Morvois (c850-c907)
Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943)Herbert I de Vermandois (c848-907)Bertha de Morvois (c850-c907)59
Raoul II de Vexin (?-943)Raoul de Gouy (?-926)Hildegarde

185 people lived in 943

Malusha (940-1020)Malk Lyubchanin
Rogvolod (c920-978)Ulf Tostesson Jarl of SkaraIngeborg
Malcolm I of Scotland (bef900-954)Donald II of Scotland (-900)
Ordoño IV of León (c926-962)Alfonso IV of León (c895-933)Oneca of Pamplona (?-931)
Amelung Billung (c908-962)Billung IV von Sachsen (900-967)Ermengarde de Nantes (900-)
Ekbert Billung (935-994)Wichmann Billung (916-944)
Hathui Billung (939-1014)Wichmann Billung (916-944)Bia von Ringelsheim (-)
Hermann Billung (c906-973)Billung IV von Sachsen (900-967)Ermengarde de Nantes (900-)
Mathilde Billung (c940-1008)Hermann Billung (c906-973)Oda (?-?)
Wichmann Billung (916-944)Billung IV von Sachsen (900-967)Ermengarde de Nantes (900-)
Engelbert II de BrienneEngelbert de Brienne I
Hugh the Great (898-956)Robert I of France (866-923)Béatrice of Vermandois (c880-931)
Hugh Capet (c940-996)Hugh the Great (898-956)Hadwig von Sachsen (c917-959)
Adele de Vermandois (910-960)Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943)Hildebranda of France (895-931)
Albert I de Vermandois (915-987)Herbert II de Vermandois (884-943)Hildebranda of France (895-931)
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Events of the year 943 at FamilypediaEdit

4 people were married in 943.

 Joined with
Liutgarde de Vermandois (c920-978)William Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy (893-942)+Thibaut I de Blois (913-975)
Unknown de Benevent (915-952)Ison d'Arles (910-942)+Eyric d'Albion du Pagus-Albionis (910-955)
Thibaut I de Blois (913-975)Liutgarde de Vermandois (c920-978)
García of Pamplona (c919-970)Endregoto d'Aragon (c910-972) + Teresa Ramírez of León (bef943-)

There were 0 military battles in 943.

0.021621621621622 2 0.016216216216216

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