Millennium: 4th millennium BC
Centuries: 40th century BC · 39th century BC · 38th century BC
Decades: 3890s BC 3880s BC 3870s BC 3860s BC 3850s BC
3840s BC 3830s BC 3820s BC 3810s BC 3800s BC
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Two wooden posts set in the ground and crossing at an angle support a wooden board which disappears into tall green reeds

A replica of the Sweet Track

  • The Post Track, an ancient causeway in the Somerset Levels, England, is built, ca. 3838 BC. It is one of the oldest engineered roads discovered in Northern Europe.
  • The Sweet Track, an ancient causeway also in the Somerset Levels, the oldest timber trackway discovered in Northern Europe, is built in 3807 BC or 3806 BC, tree-ring dating (Dendrochronology) enabled very precise dating.[1]
  • Plough in use.
  • 5.9 kiloyear event, one of the most intense aridification events during the Holocene. It ended the Neolithic Subpluvial and likely initiated the most recent desiccation of the Sahara desert, triggering migration to river valleys, such as from central North Africa to the Nile valley.


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