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1944 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1944

Ab urbe condita 2697
Armenian calendar 1393
Bahá'í calendar 100 – 101
Buddhist calendar 2488
Coptic calendar 1660 – 1661
Ethiopian calendar 1936 – 1937
Hebrew calendar 5704 5705
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1999 – 2000
 - Shaka Samvat 1866 – 1867
 - Kali Yuga 5045 – 5046
Holocene calendar 11944
Iranian calendar 1322 – 1323
Islamic calendar 1363 – 1364
Japanese calendar Shōwa


(昭和 19年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2604
Julian calendar 1989
Korean calendar 4277
Thai solar calendar 2487
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Year 1944 (MCMXLIV) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar.

Events Edit

Below, events of World War II have the "WWII" prefix.

January Edit

Landing at Anzio

US Army troops landing at Anzio during Operation Shingle, late January 1944.

February Edit

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2005-0004, Italien, Monte Cassino

The Abbey of Monte Cassino in ruins after being destroyed by Allied bombing, February 1944.

Poles, inmates of Pawiak prison, hanged by Germans in Leszno Street , Warsaw February 11th 1944

Polish inmates hanged by Germans in Warsaw, February 11, 1944

March Edit

Mt Vesuvius Erupting

The March 1944 eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

April Edit

May Edit


The prime ministers of Britain and the four major dominions at the 1944 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference, 1 May 1944.

June Edit

NormandySupply edit

Allied troops land on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day.

LVTs move toward Saipan, past bombarding cruisers, on 15 June 1944 (80-G-231838)

LVTs heading for shore on 15 June 1944 during the Battle of Saipan.

July Edit

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1972-025-12, Zerstörte Lagerbaracke nach dem 20. Juli 1944

The aftermath of the failed 20 July plot to kill Hitler.

19440816 soviet soldiers attack jelgava

Soviet soldiers fights in the streets of Jelgava, summer 1944

Medics helping injured soldier in France, 1944 - NARA - 535973

American medics helping injured soldier in France, 1944

August Edit

Warsaw Uprising boyscouts

Szare Szeregi Scouts also fought in the Warsaw Uprising.

Jewish prisones of KZGesiowka liberated by Polish Soldiers of Home Army Warsaw1944

Jewish prisoners of Gęsiówka liberated by Polish soldiers from Batalion Zośka, 5 August 1944

Crowds of French patriots line the Champs Elysees-edit2

Crowds of French people line the Champs Élysées following the Liberation of Paris, 26 August 1944.

September Edit

Waves of paratroops land in Holland

Waves of paratroopers land in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.

October Edit

7th Cavalry Leyte Island 20 10 1944

American troops advance towards San Jose on Leyte Island, 20 October 1944

USS Princeton (CVL-23) 1944 10 24 1

The light aircraft carrier Princeton afire, east of Luzon, 24 October 1944.

Volkssturm armband

The Volkssturm were founded in October 1944.

Douglas MacArthur lands Leyte1

The beginning of the Battle of Leyte, 20 October 1944.

November Edit

December Edit

Massacre de Malmedy 23-0224a-1-

Victims of the Malmedy massacre.

General George C. Marshall, official military photo, 1946

George Marshall becomes the first Five-Star General on December 16, 1944.

Date unknown Edit

Henry Larsen on St Roch

Henry Larsen became the first person to successfully navigate the Northwest Passage in 1944.

Births Edit

January Edit

February Edit

March Edit

April Edit

May Edit

June Edit

July Edit

August Edit

September Edit

October Edit

November Edit

December Edit

Date unknownEdit

Deaths Edit

January–March Edit

April–June Edit

July–September Edit

October–December Edit

Date unknown Edit

Nobel Prizes Edit

References Edit

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People of the year 1944 at Familypedia

57 people were born in 1944

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Jean-Claude Barbier (1944-2016)
Michael Barsky (1944-2005)
Barbara Bauman (1944-2004)
David Clayton Carrad (1944-2016)Anthony Landon Carrad (1908-1989)Sara Kathryn (Sally) Harris (1906-1987)
Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire (1944)Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire (1920-2004)Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford (1920-2014)
Annabella Chapiro (1944-2001)Gennady Chapiro (1918-1999)Samantha Bakst (1919-1969)
Roydon John Clark (1944-2000)Clarence Alfred Roy Clark (1906-1976)Gladys Jean Edmonds (1911-1975)
Allan James Cramp (1944-1987)Eric Gordon Cramp (1910-1994)Jessie Lena Painter (1914-2009)
László Róbert Cseszneky de Milvány et Csesznek (1944-2010)
Polyxena Daniel de Vargyas (1944)Ferenc Daniel de Vargyas (1887-1967)Gabriella Irma Somssich de Saárd (1904-1996)
Marsha Jayne Demske (1944)Robert Carl Demske (1917-1974)Esther Ellen Vetter (1917-1972)
Dennis Dea Denning (1944)Ralph Edward Denning (1907-1984)Genevieve Pearl Mitchell (1911-2002)
Joseph Caleb Deschanel (1944)Paul Jules Deschanel (1920-2001)Anna Ward Orr (1918-1969)
Arlyn Sharon Dunetz (1944)Meyer Dunetz (1910-1996)Margaret Lefkowitz (1916-1998)
Katherine Delia Espinoza (1944-2020)
... further results

14 children were born to the 19 women born in 1944

252 people died in 1944

 FatherMotherAge at death
Herman Addleson (1919-1944)Louis Addleson (1880-1963)Fanny Maroz (1869-1970)
Addie Pearl Alston (1898-1944)Robert Alston (1872-1937)Mattie Mae Edwards (1870-1941)
Grigore Antipa (1867-1944)Vasile Antipa (1826-1869)Zoița Stavrat (1828-1873)
Pieter Apekrom (1861-1944)Albert Apekrom (1835-1890)Geertje Wester (1838-)
Mary Ann Argent (1877-1944)John George Argent (1854-1918)Mary Ann Chivell (1853-1939)67
David John Avard (1865-1944)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)79
Albert Henry Avery (1877-1944)Charles Avery (1845-1915)Ellen Latter (1847-1889)67
Sarah Ann Bacon (1855-1944)John Bacon (c1817-1866)Ann Maria Powers (c1812-1914)
Constantin Bagdat (1854-1944)Grigore Bagdat (1818-1878)Raluca Chirculescu (c1825-c1895)90
Charlotte Julia Baker (1865-1944)Robert Baker (1837-1921)Jane Leiff (1843-1930)79
Elizabeth Baring (1867-1944)Edward Charles Baring, 1st Baron Revelstoke (1828-1897)Louisa Emily Charlotte Bulteel (1839-1892)77
John Barnes (1867-1944)James Barnes (1836-1907)Hannah Fullager (1841-1907)77
Aschel James Barnum (1881-1944)Asahel James Barnum (1861-1937)Martha Ann Pulsipher (1858-1936)63
Anne Elizabeth Bartlett (1861-1944)Thomas Bradbury Bartlett (1829-1905)Victoria Elizabeth Cilley (1831-1905)
John Grenville Bates (1880-1944)Alfred Willard Bates (1836-1892)Cephise Catherine Towar (1843-1927)64
... further results

10562 people lived in 1944

Lady Irina Bud de BudfalvaLord János Bud de BudfalvaBaroness Anna Tisza de Borosjenő et Szeged
Erich Honecker (1912-1994)Wilhelm Honecker (1881-1969)Caroline Catharina Weidenhof (1883-1963)
Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945)Joseph Gebhard Himmler (1865-1936)Anna Maria Heyder (1866-1941)
Wilhelm Honecker (1881-1969)
Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Caroline Catharina Weidenhof (1883-1963)Johann Georg Weidenhof (1852-)Sophie Catharina Janus (1854-)
Geertje Aangeenbrug (1871-1947)Pieter Aangeenbrug (1834-1908)Grietje Breed (1845)
Alfred Alonzo Aaron (1883-1969)Thomas Aaron (1850-1932)Sarah Dobbs (1858-1948)
Sadie Aaronson (1908-1970)Jack Aaronson (1880-1927)Laura Barenboim (1882-1932)
Isabella Abadiano (1930-2003)
Amanda Abadie (1898-1957)Jean-Claude Abadie (1848-1930)Jeanette Armellino (1860-1934)
Annabelle Abargil (1922-2000)
Dominique Abasolo (1882-1947)Rafael Abasolo (1849-1900)Nancy Haugen (1855-1929)
Jennifer Abaya (1918-1996)
Alysson Abberton (1935-2012)
... further results

Events of the year 1944 at FamilypediaEdit

69 people were married in 1944.

 Joined with
Lois Anderson (1880-1983)Bryant Stringham Hinckley (1867-1961)
Adella May Anthoney (1907-1990)George Manning Tisdell (1905-1974)
Lydia Atzél de Borosjenő (1901-1972)Ferenc Daniel de Vargyas (1887-1967) + Daniel Bánffy de Losoncz (1893-1855) + Gyula Sipos de Siposkarcsa (1899-1947)
Jennifer Aumann (1920-2000)Andrew Bennett (1917-1989)
Anna Laurie Bates (1877-1959)Mark Henry Sanders (1881-1938)+Thomas Pollard (1875-1970)
Alexis Irénée du Pont Bayard (1918-1985)Jane Brady Hildreth (1918-1960)
Amy Vera Bennett (1912-2008)Edwin William C Peggs (1915-1994)
Andrew Bennett (1917-1989)Jennifer Aumann (1920-2000)
Prescott Sheldon Bush (1922-2010)Elizabeth Louise Kauffman (1922)
Phyllis Amelia Buttsworth (1917-2003)Harold Percy Ford (1920-1942)+Jock McDonald Armstrong (1921-2002)
Clarence Henry Calderwood (1921-1993)Marcele Lorraine Donnison (c1928-2011)
Willard Richards Card (living)Peggy Jane Park (living)
Willard Richards Card (1921-2016)Peggy Jane Park (1923-2015)
Roland Forrest Carter (1921-2010)Janeth Hall Duckett (1925-2001)
William Richard Steele Case (1880-1951)Sarah Lydia Jane Clark (1882-1943)+Florence Penrose (1897-1968)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1944.

0.0053967051694755 0.73684210526316 0.023859117591365

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