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1934 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1934

Ab urbe condita 2687
Armenian calendar 1383
Bahá'í calendar 90 – 91
Buddhist calendar 2478
Coptic calendar 1650 – 1651
Ethiopian calendar 1926 – 1927
Hebrew calendar 5694 5695
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1989 – 1990
 - Shaka Samvat 1856 – 1857
 - Kali Yuga 5035 – 5036
Holocene calendar 11934
Iranian calendar 1312 – 1313
Islamic calendar 1352 – 1353
Japanese calendar Shōwa


(昭和 9年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2594
Julian calendar 1979
Korean calendar 4267
Thai solar calendar 2477
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Year 1934 (MCMXXXIV) was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar.

Events[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

January 1: Alcatraz becomes a prison.

February[edit | edit source]

March[edit | edit source]

April[edit | edit source]

May[edit | edit source]

May 11: dust storm in Great Plains

June[edit | edit source]

July[edit | edit source]

August[edit | edit source]

September[edit | edit source]

Nuremberg Rally of 1934

October[edit | edit source]

November[edit | edit source]

  • November 13 – The Italian government decrees that teachers must wear a military or party uniform in a class.
  • November 21
    • The MCC makes an ultimately controversial decision to alter the lbw rule so a batsman can be lbw to a ball pitching outside off stump. The change is later blamed for many problems developing during the 1950s, primarily negative bowling outside leg stump to a field of short-leg fieldsmen.
    • Cole Porter's musical Anything Goes, starring Ethel Merman, premieres in New York City.
  • November 23 – An Anglo-Ethiopian boundary commission in the Ogaden discovers an Italian garrison at Walwal, which lays well within Ethiopian territory. This encounter leads to the Abyssinia Crisis.
  • November 26Universal Pictures releases the first film version of Fannie Hurst's novel, Imitation of Life, starring Claudette Colbert and Louise Beavers. It gives Beavers, usually featured in small roles as a maid, her best screen role, and features the largest supporting role played by a black person in a Hollywood film up till then. Its storyline partially revolves around a young mulatto girl rejecting her mother and trying to "pass for white". It is the first Hollywood film to seriously deal with this subject.
  • November 27
    • A running gun battle between FBI agents and bank robber Baby Face Nelson results in the death of one FBI agent and the mortal wounding of special agent Samuel P. Cowley, who was still able to mortally wound Nelson.
    • Bolivian President Daniel Salamanca deposed.

December[edit | edit source]

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Births[edit | edit source]

January–February[edit | edit source]

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September–October[edit | edit source]

November–December[edit | edit source]

Date unknown[edit | edit source]

Deaths[edit | edit source]

January–March[edit | edit source]

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Nobel Prizes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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People of the year 1934 at Familypedia

77 people were born in 1934

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Gladys Anderberg (1934-1999)
Kevin Applegate (1934-2007)Harold Applegate (1913-1958)Alicia Gundersen (1912-1978)
David Bergman (1934-1996)
Catherine Neville Harley Blackman (1934-2013)Percival Harley Blackman (1890-1954)Mabel Emma Moxham (1892-1989)
Stephen Bluth (1934-2000)Robert Bluth (1900-1969)Alice Selkrich (1901-1974)
Grant Lynn Bowler (1934-2013)Grant Martin Bowler (1912-2002)Verna Leavitt (1913-2005)
George Buck (1934-1999)Elliott Buck (1910-1990)Danielle Carter (1901-1980)
Bette Irene Burgess (1934-)Clyde Walter Burgess (1890-1943)Leta Kathleen Lusby (1895-1990)
Betty Lynn Byrd (1934-)Clayton William Byrd (1911-1988)Velma Mizell (1913-1992)
János Bánffy de Losoncz (1934-c2000)László Bánffy de Losoncz (1896-1974)Ilona Zeyk de Zeykfalva (1909-c1985)
John Edd Carlon (1934-2017)Walter Edgar Carlon (1897-1949)Mildred Blanche Ray (1902-2001)
Sally Ann Case (1934)George Iler Case (1899-1957)Myrtle Melvina Jones (1898-1981)
Nicholas Joseph Clooney (1934-)Andrew Joseph Clooney (1902-1974)Marie Frances Guilfoyle (1909-1973)
Benedetto Craxi (1934-2000)Vittorio Craxi (1906-1992)Mary Ferrari (bef1934)
Thomas Gerald Culley (1934-2019)Thomas James Culley (1908-1977)Rose McGoldrick (1909-1988)
... further results

39 children were born to the 42 women born in 1934

245 people died in 1934

 FatherMotherAge at death
Blanche Ray Alden (1870-1934)Philo Washington Alden (1840-1920)Eliza Dutton (1839-1881)
John Bartlett Alden (1860-1934)Edwin Painter Alden (1827-1904)Martha Ann Andrews (1833-1904)
John Alderton (1847-1934)John Alderton (1806-1893)Mary Coffee (1816-1902)
Sarah Ellen Allen (1844-1934)Richard George Allen (1811-1891)Esther Elizabeth Hayes (1814-1854)
Margaret Bridget Allred (1866-1934)James Tillmon Sanford Allred (1825-1905)Elizabeth Bridget Manwaring (1821-1866)
George Ambrose (1843-1934)91
William Amos (1869-1934)William George Amos (1843-1900)Elizabeth Bryant (1843-1877)
Jeanette Armellino (1860-1934)
George Lee Arthur (1870-1934)
Thomas Moore Arthur (1859-1934)Thomas Moore Arthur (-)Agnes Milligan (-)
Elizabeth Charlotte Ashcroft (1848-1934)Henry Ashcroft (1827-1896)Rebecca Frances Taber (1830-1902)
Mary Ellen Ashcroft (1859-1934)John Ashcroft (1814-1882)Ann Jenkins (1818-1870)
Albert P. Ashworth (1872-1934)James Edward Ashworth (1831-1910)Ellen E. Ramsbottom (1843-1910)
Amelia Avery (1868-1934)James Avery (c1814-1875)Catherine Heaslip (c1825-1904)66
William Avery (1862-1934)George Avery (1841-1914)Elizabeth Ann Latter (1845-1922)72
... further results

13404 people lived in 1934

Lady Irina Bud de BudfalvaLord János Bud de BudfalvaBaroness Anna Tisza de Borosjenő et Szeged
Tsunekichi Yonogi (1905-2015)Shigeru Yonogi (1876-1940)Miyoko Yonogi (1882-1950)
Ludwik Wiktor Plater-Zyberk h. wł (1853-1938)Henryk Wacław Ksawery Plater-Zyberk (1811-1903)Adelaida von Keller (1817-1905)
Geertje Aangeenbrug (1871-1947)Pieter Aangeenbrug (1834-1908)Grietje Breed (1845)
Alfred Alonzo Aaron (1883-1969)Thomas Aaron (1850-1932)Sarah Dobbs (1858-1948)
Hubert Charles Titus Aaron (1919-1941)Alfred Alonzo Aaron (1883-1969)Jemima Davis (1884-1966)
Sadie Aaronson (1908-1970)Jack Aaronson (1880-1927)Laura Barenboim (1882-1932)
Rebecca Ababio (1926-1998)
Isabella Abadiano (1930-2003)
Amanda Abadie (1898-1957)Jean-Claude Abadie (1848-1930)Jeanette Armellino (1860-1934)
Annabelle Abargil (1922-2000)
Dominique Abasolo (1882-1947)Rafael Abasolo (1849-1900)Nancy Haugen (1855-1929)
Jennifer Abaya (1918-1996)
Charles Greeley Abbot (1872-1973)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)
Janet Abbot (1910-1970)
... further results

Events of the year 1934 at Familypedia

101 people were married in 1934.

 Joined with
Charles Francis Adams (1910-1999)Margaret Stockton (1915-1972)
Annie Andrus (1902-1973)Roy Falkenberg Tygesen (1902-1981)
Abu Atieno-Rafigdoost (1910-1984)Kamili Diop (1900-1978)
James Edward Purcell Baldwin (1905-1990)Mary Josephine Carlon (1911-2001)
Anthony Gardner Bazley (1911-1937)Anne Hotham (1913)
Hebron Arthur Charles Bennett (1857-1935)Mary Perks (1864-aft1883)+Mary Jane England (c1874-1947)
Denis Gomer Berry (1911-1983)Rosemary Leonora Ruth de Rothschild (1913-2013)+Pamela Wellesley (1912-1987)
Philip Daniel Blunt (1906-1992)Ella Constance Ward (1908-1990)
Edmée Boerescu (c1900-c1987)Unknown Haldner + Mircea Filotti (1892-1971)
Adele Ruve Bowden (1913-1975)John Edric Proudfoot (c1910-1994)
Harriet Gladys Bragg (1914-1987)William Beveridge Kendall (1909-1997)
Ernest Robert Brogden (1910-2002)Violet Alice Scarborough (c1909-2003)
Wilhelmina Brown (1902-1945)Sydney Buchanan (1900-)
Olivia Campbell (1905-1987)Arthur Edmund Leveson (1908-1981)+Samuel John Rennie Bucknill (1902-1943)+Roger Nathaniel Frankland (1909-1989)
Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958)Kirstine Sörensen+Sofie Jörgensen
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1934.

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