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Year 1833 (MDCCCXXXIII) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian Calendar (or a common year starting on Sunday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1833Edit


The Last Day of Pompeii was first exhibited in 1833.

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1833 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1833

Ab urbe condita 2586
Armenian calendar 1282
Bahá'í calendar -11 – -10
Buddhist calendar 2377
Coptic calendar 1549 – 1550
Ethiopian calendar 1825 – 1826
Hebrew calendar 5593 5594
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1888 – 1889
 - Shaka Samvat 1755 – 1756
 - Kali Yuga 4934 – 4935
Holocene calendar 11833
Iranian calendar 1211 – 1212
Islamic calendar 1248 – 1249
Japanese calendar Tenpō 4

(天保 4年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2493
Julian calendar 1878
Korean calendar 4166
Thai solar calendar 2376

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See also 1833 births.


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People of the year 1833 at Familypedia

264 people were born in 1833

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
John Milton Adair (1833-1899)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
John Quincy Adams (1833-1894)Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886)Abigail Brown Brooks (1808-1889)
Ruth Ann Adams (c1833-)Unknown Wilson (-c1841)Susan Snyder (1813-1864)
Susan Augusta Adams (1833-1866)Daniel Noyes Adams (1803-1886)Eliza Williams (1802-1851)
Raymond Alford (1833-1909)William Alford (c1800-)Eveline Ginn
James Allen (1833-1890)Andrew Lee Allen (1791-1870)Clarinda Knapp (1802-1862)
Perlina Jane Allred (1833-1910)William Hackley Allred (1804-1890)Elizabeth Ivie (1807-1870)
Martha Ann Andrews (1833-1904)Erastus Andrews (c1802-)Almira Barlett (c1802-)
Mary Ann Annesley (1833-1876)James Annesley (c1801-1883)Elizabeth Quinn (c1810-1883)
Moses Baker Apps (1833-1875)George Apps (1791-?)Sarah Baker (c1794-?)
Forster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot (1833-1901)Robert Keith Arbuthnot (1801-1873)Anne Fitzgerald (c1808-1882)
William Aris (1833-1906)William Aris (1801-1867)Patience Usher (1805-1873)
Adelheid Marie von Anhalt-Dessau (1833-1916)Friedrich August von Anhalt-Dessau (1799-1864)Marie von Hessen-Kassel-Rumpenheim (1814-1895)
Charlotte Emma Avery (1833-1908)John Abel Avery (1798-1880)Charlotte Emma Davis (1808-1874)
Anna Barbara Bach (1833-1918)Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)
... further results

138 children were born to the 113 women born in 1833

91 people died in 1833

 FatherMotherAge at death
Josiah Alden (1773-1833)Josiah Alden (1738-)Bathsheba Jones (1740-1833)60
Ebenezer Appleton (1784-1833)Isaac Appleton (1731-1806)Mary Adams (1741-1827)49
William Ernest Archer (1754-1833)John Archer (c1727-1765)Mary Bazell (c1731-)79
Mary Bent (1737-1833)Peter Bent (1702-1798)Mary Temple (1709-1760)96
James Botting (1761-1833)Antil Botting (1740-1801)Jane (bef1761-1777)72
William Bowden (1774-1833)Job M Bowden (1740-1791)Elizabeth Hinkley (1747-)59
Elijah Bowling (1787-1833)James Bowling (1756-aft1789)Sarah Blevins (c1756-)
Jerusha Bradford (1770-1833)Gamaliel Bradford (1731-1807)Sarah Alden (1731-1788)63
Elisha Brewster (1755-1833)Jonathan Brewster (1734-1800)Zipporah Smith (1735-1794)78
Paul Brigham (1761-1833)Paul Brigham (1732-1777)Elizabeth Rice (1729-1785)72
Margaret Browne (1813-1833)William Browne (1762-1833)Sophia Louisa Forbes (1781-1861)
William Browne (1762-1833)
Dieuwertje Brussé (c1790-1833)Jacobus Brussé (c1768-1813)Adriana Honing (1757-1844)43
Thomas Budds (1788-1833)45
Zsuzsanna Bánffy de Losoncz (1765-1833)György Bánffy de Losoncz (1739-1805)Zsuzsanna Wesselényi de Hadad (1743-1800)68
... further results

11033 people lived in 1833

Adrianus Aalders (c1779-1861)Hendrik AaldersMaria van den Spek
Cornelis Aangeenbrug (1802-1861)Johannes Aangeenbrug (1773)Trijntje Johannesdr de Graaff (c1777)
Hendrina Aarts (1805-1876)Godefridus Aarts (1778-1826)Elisabeth Damen (1787-1848)
Edward Aartsen (1810-1890)
Donatien Abadie (1820-1900)
Arsalina Abbadie (1822-1900)Jean-Luc Abbadie (1795-1840)Audrey Bidard (1799-1860)
Jean-Luc Abbadie (1795-1840)
Abigail Abbe (1767-1851)John Abbe (1743-1832)Abial Averill (1738-1832)
Cornelia Ariens Abbenes (1795-1858)Arien Ariensz Abbenes (c1740-1806)Antje Jacobs Krijnen (c1757-1814)
Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Anne Wales Abbot (1808-1908)Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)Eunice Wales (1772-1831)
Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)
Ezra Abbot (1772-1847)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Hannah Abbot (1789-1871)William Abbot (1748-1793)Phebe Ballard (1752-1846)
Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Ezra Abbot (1772-1847)Rebekah Hale (1781-1860)
... further results

Events of the year 1833 at FamilypediaEdit

197 people were married in 1833.

 Joined with
Margaret Ada Adam (1816-1900)David Henderson (1810-1849)
Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873)Cécile Emma Braun (-1848)+Elizabeth Cabot Cary (1822-1907)
William Alexander (1812-1886)Sarah Catherine Auber (1810-1874)
William Amory (1804-1888)Anna Powell Mason Sears (1813-1895)
Milo Andrus (1814-1893)
Ruluf Andrus (1773-1849)Azubah Smith (1777-1830) + Catharine Bryant (1790-1849)
James Annesley (c1801-1883)Elizabeth Quinn (c1810-1883)
Charles George James Arbuthnot (1801-1870)Charlotte Eliza Vivian (1815-1877)
Sarah Catherine Auber (1810-1874)William Alexander (1812-1886)
Catharina Baas (1764-1818)Aris Spek (1761-1841)
Almon Whiting Babbitt (1812-1856)Julia Ann Johnson (1808-1857) + Delcena Diadamia Johnson (1806-1854) + Maria Lawrence (1823-) + Mary Tulley (1810-)
Alexander Badlam (1809-1894)Mary Ann Brannon (1806-1881)
John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)
Pieter Bakker (1795-1864)Lijsbeth Potter (1801-1832) + Trijntje Tiet (1811-1868)
Smaranda Balș (c1813-1852)Alexis Sulgeakov (с1800-с1860) + Lascăr Bogdan (c1800-1873)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1833.

0.023928215353938 1.2212389380531 0.008247983322759

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