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United States 1803-04-1804-03-narrow

March 10: Louisiana Purchase ceremony.

Year 1804 (MDCCCIV) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a leap year starting on Friday of the 12-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1804 Edit

January - March Edit

Burning of the uss philadelphia

February 16: USS Philadelphia burns.

April - June Edit

July - September Edit


October - December Edit

[[Image:Pere Lachaise looking down the hill.jpg |thumb|230px|right| Père Lachaise cemetery}}.


Ongoing eventsEdit


1804 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1804

Ab urbe condita 2557
Armenian calendar 1253
Bahá'í calendar -40 – -39
Buddhist calendar 2348
Coptic calendar 1520 – 1521
Ethiopian calendar 1796 – 1797
Hebrew calendar 5564 5565
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1859 – 1860
 - Shaka Samvat 1726 – 1727
 - Kali Yuga 4905 – 4906
Holocene calendar 11804
Iranian calendar 1182 – 1183
Islamic calendar 1218 – 1219
Japanese calendar Kyōwa 3

(享和 3 年)

— changed to —
Bunka 1

(文化 元年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2464
Julian calendar 1849
Korean calendar 4137
Thai solar calendar 2347

January - JuneEdit

July - DecemberEdit

See also Category:Born in 1804.


January - JuneEdit

July - DecemberEdit

See also 1804 deaths.

People of the year 1804 at Familypedia

186 people were born in 1804

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Stephen Joseph Abbott (1804-1843)James Abbott (1753-1830)Phoebe Howe (1763-1842)
Margaret Ann Adair (1804-1852)Thomas Adair (1774-1858)Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)
William Hackley Allred (1804-1890)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)
William Amory (1804-1888)Thomas Coffin Amory (1767-1812)Hannah Rowe Linzee (1775-1845)
Jemima Angell (1804-1869)James Williams Angell (1776-1851)Phebe Ann Morton (1786-1854)
Jacob Appelman (1804-1849)Gerrit Appelman (1774-1853)Maartje Besseling (1775-1840)
Elizabeth Frances Appleton (1804-1839)Jesse Appleton (1772-1819)Elizabeth Means (1780-1844)
Marcia Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot (1804-1878)Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850)Marcia Mary Anne Clapcott Lisle (1774-1806)
Ida von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1804-1828)Viktor II. Karl Friedrich von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1767-1812)Amalie von Nassau-Weilburg (1776-1841)
Sylvia Averill (1804-1867)Daniel Averill (1762-1848)Mary Hartshorn Weston (1766-1824)
Peter Bake (1804-1868)Jacob Bake (1773-1849)Catherine Reppert (1779-1851)
Kniertje Bakker (1804-1871)Cornelis Bakker (1771-1819)Jantje de Boer (c1775-1839)
Wellow Baldwin (1804-1869)Henry Baldwin (c1771-1843)Elizabeth Carpenter (1775-1839)
Joseph Bancroft (1804-1870)Joseph Bancroft (1756-1839)Esther Bond (1761-1812)
Harriet Baring (1804-1892)Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton (1774-1848)Anne Louise Bingham (-1848)
... further results

121 children were born to the 79 women born in 1804

78 people died in 1804

 FatherMotherAge at death
Joseph Adair (1745-1820)James Adair (1714-1796)Eleanor Adair (1726-1803)54
Heman Atwood (1738-1804)Thomas Atwood (1696-1784)Phoebe Mayo (1691-1783)
Ivory Bigelow (1741-1804)Gershom Bigelow (1714-1812)Mary Howe (1718-1802)63
James Bloodworth (c1759-1804)Robert Bloodworth (c1735-)Ann Baker (c1735-)
Thomas Bolling (1735-1804)John Bolling (1700-1757)Elizabeth Bland Blair (1709-1775)69
Edward Botting (1729-1804)John Botting (1702-1786)Mary Holland (1703-1761)75
Juliana Boyle (c1728-1804)Henry Boyle, 1st Earl of Shannon (1682-1764)Henrietta Boyle (1701-1746)76
Abagail Breck (1732-1804)John Breck (1705-1761)Margaret Thomas (1709-1765)
Elijah Brigham (1743-1804)Nathan Brigham (1693-1784)Hephzibah Ward (c1695-1748)61
Klara Brunswik von Korompa (c1795-c1804)Siegmund Brunswik von Korompa (1758-c1800)Katarina von Gosztonyi (c1765-c1805)9
Carolina di Parma (1770-1804)Ferdinando di Parma (1751-1802)Marie Amalie von Habsburg-Lothringen (1746-1804)34
Henry Cecil, 1st Marquess of Exeter (1754-1804)Thomas Chambers Cecil (c1728-1778)Charlotte Garnier (-)50
Mary Wallace Clark (1743-1804)
Joseph Clay (1741-1804)Ralph Clay (c1690-1742)Elizabeth Habersham (c1714-1743)63
Christina Closter (-1804)
... further results

7284 people lived in 1804

Adrianus Aalders (c1779-1861)Hendrik AaldersMaria van den Spek
Cornelis Aangeenbrug (1802-1861)Johannes Aangeenbrug (1773)Trijntje Johannesdr de Graaff (c1777)
Godefridus Aarts (1778-1826)Pieter Aarts (c1750-)Hendrina van den Eijnden (c1750-)
Jean-Luc Abbadie (1795-1840)
Abigail Abbe (1767-1851)John Abbe (1743-1832)Abial Averill (1738-1832)
Arien Ariensz Abbenes (c1740-1806)Aarjen Hendriksz Abbenes (c1709-1788)Trijntje Gerrits (c1709-1800)
Cornelia Ariens Abbenes (1795-1858)Arien Ariensz Abbenes (c1740-1806)Antje Jacobs Krijnen (c1757-1814)
Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Abiel Abbot (1770-1828)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)
Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)John Abbot (1704-1793)Phebe Fiske (1712-1802)
Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)
Benjamin Abbot (1770-1823)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)
Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)
Elizabeth Abbot (1798-1823)Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)
Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)
... further results

Events of the year 1804 at FamilypediaEdit

84 people were married in 1804.

 Joined with
Archibald Ainslie (-1827)Agness Milligan (?-?)+Euphemia Steedman (?-?)
Thomas Ainsworth Anlezark (1771-1834)Ann Starmer (1767-1825)
Mary Auber (1781-1835)John Diggins (c1780-)+John Rosamond (c1780-)
Jonathan Barlow (1769-1820)Margaret Root (1766-1804) + Annis Gillett (1784-1853)
Samuel Bate (1776-1849)Sarah Adams (bef1804-)+Matilda King (c1787-1869)
Johann Georg Beingesser (1761-1823)Anna Maria Kandel (1766-1803)+Catharina Hettinger (1782-)
Simeon Bigelow (1752-1837)Sarah Foster (1760-1789) + Elizabeth Avery (1764-1804) + Sarah Bump (1764-1856)
Mary Boardman (1778-1840)Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (1772-1851)
Jane Bobbitt (c1767-1838)William Laws (-) + William Richardson (c1765-1816)
Cornelis Bos (c1775-aft1818)Jantje de Moel (c1775-c1823)
Dirk Bot (1774-1834)Grietje ten Oever (c1776-1807) + Anna Winders (1786-1858)
Sarah Botting (1778)James Jenner (bef1804)
John Bracegirdle (1783-1869)Hannah Hobson (c1787-1832)+Charlotte Bealey (c1805-1872)
Moses Bradford (1776-1845)Annie Ward (1783-1888)
David Butner (c1745-1819)Mary Crain (1745-)+Susanna Thomas
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1804.

0.025535420098847 1.5316455696203 0.010708401976936


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