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82 people were born in 1749

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Nicholas Bayly (c1749-1814)Nicholas Bayly (1709-1782)Caroline Paget (1707-1766)
Simon Beers (1749-1828)Jacob Beers (1712-1763)Grietje Neuvel (1710-1782)
John Benson (1749-1818)Benoni Benson (1724-1806)Abigail White (1723-1751)
Georgiana Augusta Berkeley (1749-1820)Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (1716-1755)Elizabeth Drax (c1720-1792)
François Bertrand (1749-1813)Jean-Baptiste Bertrand (1732-1780)Marie Louise Morignier (1727-1770)
William Bigelow (1749-1813)Josiah Bigelow (1730-1810)Mary Harrington (1729-1831)
Mary Eleanor Bowes (1749-1800)George Bowes (1701-1760)Mary Gilbert (?-?)
Thomas Brand (1749-1794)Thomas Brand (c1717-1770)Carolina Pierrepont (c1716-1753)
John Brewer (1749-1836)Samuel Brewer (1716-1740)Martha Bent (1720-1797)
Aaron Browne (1749-1840)Aaron Brown (1711-1790)Elizabeth Every (c1704-1767)
Thomas Bruce (c1749-1820)
Carsten Burfeind (1749-1752)Drewes Burfeind (1708-1760)Liesabeth Bremer (1723-1795)
James Butler (c1749-1829)
Martha Chapman (1749-1782)Samuel Chapman (1706-1795)Hannah York (1710-1760)
John Chester (1749-1809)John Chester (1703-1771)Sarah Noyes (1722-1797)
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26 children were born to the 27 women born in 1749

86 people died in 1749

 FatherMotherAge at death
Henry Adams (1663-1749)Edward Adams (1629-1716)Lydia Penniman (1635-1676)
Philip Arnold (1693-1749)Stephen Arnold (1654-1720)Mary Sheldon (1669-1735)
Jemima Averil (1715-1749)Ebenezer Averill (1669-1717)Mehitable Foster (1675-)
Nathaniel Ball (1692-1749)Nathaniel Ball II (1663-1728)Mary Brooks (1663-1722)
Jan Bergwerf (1692-1749)Pieter Bergwerf (1660-1742)Teuntje van der Velde (1669-)57
Jonathan Bigelow (1673-1749)Jonathan Bigelow (1646-1711)Rebecca Shepard (1650-1686)
Martha Bolling (1713-1749)John Bolling (1676-1729)Mary Kennon (1679-1727)36
Robert Bolling (1682-1749)Robert Bolling (1646-1709)Anne Stith (1665-1709)
Abigale Bolster (1720-1749)Isaac Bolster (1690-1753)Abigale Bullard (1694-1732)
Mary Brewster (1692-1749)Daniel Brewster (1666-1735)Hannah Gager (1666-1727)
Elizabeth Bridges (1692-1749)Benjamin Bridges (1665-1725)Elizabeth Framington (1669-1747)
Gershom Brigham (1680-1749)Thomas Brigham (1641-1717)Mary Rice (1646-1695)
Levinah Brigham (1711-1749)Elnathan Brigham (1683-1758)Bethiah Ward (1681-1765)
Hannah Browne (1718-1749)William Browne (1680-1752)Dorothy Giddings (1674-1738)
John Cabot (1704-1749)John Cabot (1669-1742)Anna Orne (1678-)
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5599 people lived in 1749

Anna Hendriks (1663-bef1753)Heinrich Jansz (?-?)Engel Pieters (?-?)
Geertje Jans (1713-1752)Jan JacobszAacht Cornelis
Grietje Jans (-1775)Jan (bef1735-)
Niesje Jans (1699-1764)Jan Bartsz (1666-1728)Lijsebeth Jans (-)
Reijnouwtje Davids (c1723-aft1753)David
Arien Ariensz Abbenes (c1740-1806)Aarjen Hendriksz Abbenes (c1709-1788)Trijntje Gerrits (c1709-1800)
Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)John Abbot (1704-1793)Phebe Fiske (1712-1802)
Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)
Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)Benjamin Abbot (1686-1748)Abigail Abbot (1699-1753)
John Abbot (1674-1754)John Abbot (1648-1721)Sarah Barker (1647-1729)
John Abbot (1735-1818)John Abbot (1704-1793)Phebe Fiske (1712-1802)
John Abbot (1704-1793)John Abbot (1674-1754)Elizabeth Harnden (1756-1693)
William Abbot (1748-1793)John Abbot (1704-1793)Phebe Fiske (1712-1802)
Elizabeth Abbott (1721-1782)John Abbott (-)Elizabeth Birege (-)
David Abell (1722-1781)John Abell (1678-1751)Rebecca Sluman (1682-1738)
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Events of the year 1749 at Familypedia

120 people were married in 1749.

 Joined with
Mary Ackermann (c1729-1766)Henry Benwell (c1722-1787)
Henry Adams (1663-1749)Ruth Ellis (1670-1735) + Dana Hannah (1685-1748)
John Marshall Adams (1723-1809)Lucy Hubbard (1730-1791)+ Beulah Dakin (1735-1807)
Samuel Adams (1722-1803)Elizabeth Checkley (1725-1727) + Elizabeth Wells (1735-1808)
Thomas Adams (1725-1812)Elizabeth Clark (1734-1767) + Sarah Harris (1749-1826)
Thomas Adgate (1669-1760)Ruth Brewster (1671-1734)+Elizabeth Morgan (1678-1763)
Ruth Albree (1718-1793)Caleb Brooks (1694-1766)
Edward Baglin (c1720-1771)Mary Curnock (c1720-1780)
Roelof Bakker (1719-1782)Tecla Boon (1725-1766)
Frederick Barnes (1727-1778)Mary Howe (1727-1813)
Abraham Bates (1724-1806)Sarah Tower (1732-1807)
Henry Benwell (c1722-1787)Mary Ackermann (c1729-1766)
Josiah Bigelow (1730-1810)Mary Harrington (1729-1831)
Tecla Boon (1725-1766)Roelof Bakker (1719-1782)
Hermanus Japikse Borgman (1723-c1767)Helena Jansdr de Meede (c1720-1749)+Alida Cornelisdr de Jong (c1728-1768)
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There were 0 military battles in 1749.

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