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Year 1671 (MDCLXXI) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a common year starting on Sunday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar).

Events of 1671[edit | edit source]

Births[edit | edit source]

1671 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1671

Ab urbe condita 2424
Armenian calendar 1120
Bahá'í calendar -173 – -172
Buddhist calendar 2215
Coptic calendar 1387 – 1388
Ethiopian calendar 1663 – 1664
Hebrew calendar 5431 5432
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1726 – 1727
 - Shaka Samvat 1593 – 1594
 - Kali Yuga 4772 – 4773
Holocene calendar 11671
Iranian calendar 1049 – 1050
Islamic calendar 1081 – 1082
Japanese calendar Kanbun 10

(寛文 10年)

 - Imperial Year Kōki 2331
Julian calendar 1716
Korean calendar 4004
Thai solar calendar 2214

See also 1671 births.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

See also 1671 deaths.

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People of the year 1671 at Familypedia

86 people were born in 1671

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Olphert Agricola (1671-1724)Elias Agricola (1631-1681)Hiltje Pricqs (1632-1687)
Henry Southworth Alden (1671-1730)David Alden (1645-1719)Mary Southworth (c1650-1719)
Hopestill Alden (1671-1753)Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)
Mary Allison (1671-1708)David Allison (c1644-1677)Joane (bef1671-)
Elizabeth Amis (1671-1704)William Amis (c1645-1678)Elizabeth Cole (c1650-1678)
Joseph Arnold (1671-1712)Joseph Arnold (1626-1691)Elizabeth Wakeman (1629-1691)
Emanuel Lebrecht von Anhalt-Köthen (1671-1704)Emanuel von Anhalt-Köthen (1631-1670)Anna Eleonore zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (1651-1690)
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713)Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury (1652-1699)Dorothy Manners (c1656-1698)
Mary Bangs (1671-1745)Jonathan Bangs (1640-1728)Mary Mayo (1645-1711)
Ruth Brewster (1671-1734)Benjamin Brewster (1633-1710)Anne Addis (1628-1709)
Nathan Brigham (1671-1747)Thomas Brigham (1641-1717)Mary Rice (1646-1695)
Anthony Browne (1671-c1720)George Browne, 4th Baronet Browne of Caversham (-1729)Gertrude Morley (-c1720)
Anne Brudenell (c1671-1722)Francis Brudenell (1654-1698)Frances Savile (c1658-1695)
Michael Brunswik von Korompa (1671-1719)Michael Brunswik von Korompa (c1645-c1700)Elisabeth Hunyady von Kiskresztyen (c1650-c1710)
John Buell (1671-1746)Samuel Buell (1641-1720)Deborah Griswold (1643-1717)
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69 children were born to the 40 women born in 1671

43 people died in 1671

 FatherMotherAge at death
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)32
Sarah Alden (1675-1681)John Alden (1622-1701)Elizabeth Phillips (1622-1695)
Pieter Allertsz (1625-1671)Allert
Matei Bagdat (1619-1671)
Marie Eliška Borsita von Martinitz (c1642-1671)Bernard Borsita von Martinitz (1603-1685)Veronika Polyxena von Sternberg (1625-1659)
Mary Buckmaster (1637-1671)
John Child (1636-1671)William Child (1596-1650)Mary Sadler (1595-1622)
Frances Cogan (1592-1671)Henry Cogan (1572-1612)Joan Boridge (1569-1612)
William Collier (1590-1674)Abraham Collier (1560-1586)Sarah Voss (1560-1588)
William Dodson (1591-1671)Thomas Dodson (1569-1608)
Alice Eltonhead (c1630-aft1671)Richard Eltonhead (1582-1664)Ann Sutton (c1582-c1686)44
Henry Herrick (1604-1671)Thomas Herrick (bef1604-)Elizabeth (bef1604-)
Randall Holbrook (1630-1671)Randal Holbrook (1586-1642)Frances Dannport (1600-1662)
... further results

4663 people lived in 1671

Anna Jans (1645-1705)Jan
Anna Hendriks (1663-bef1753)Heinrich Jansz (?-?)Engel Pieters (?-?)
Antonius Cornellii (c1630-aft1671)CorneliusAntonia Laurenti (c1600-?)
Dieuwer Claas (c1615-1679)Claas
Dorothea Gerardi (c1670-1721)Gerard
Eth Louwes (1657-1727)Louw Dirksz (bef1657-)Aeff Dircs (bef1657-)
Elisabeth Joannis (1645-)Joannis
Geert Jans (c1650-1693)Jan (bef1650-)
Maria Jacobi (c1632-aft1671)Jacob (bef1632-)
Neeltje Dircks (c1645-1714)Dirck (bef1645-)
Anna Egges (c1635-aft1677)Egge JansAnna Jans
Hendrik Aalberdink (1639-1671)Teunis Aalberdink (?-?)
Benjamin Abbot (1661-1703)George Abbot (1615-1681)Hannah Chandler (1630-1711)
George Abbot (1615-1681)George Abbot (1587-1647)Elizabeth (c1595-1711)
John Abbot (1648-1721)George Abbot (1615-1681)Hannah Chandler (1630-1711)
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Events of the year 1671 at Familypedia

74 people were married in 1671.

 Joined with
Elisabeth Joannis (1645-)Joannes Schoenmaker (1643-)
Jane Adams (1653-1723)Joseph Plumley (1653-1740)
Benedict Arnold (1615-1678)Damaris Westcott (1621-1678) + Mary Turner (1641-1690)
Seth Arnold (1648-1720)Elizabeth Gray (1658-1721)
Jonathan Bigelow (1646-1711)Rebecca Shepard (1650-1686) + Mary Olcott (-1697) + Mary Benton (-1752)
William Botting (1649-1715)Elizabeth (bef1671)
Wrestling Brewster (1644-1697)Mary Holland (1661-1742)
Henry Cadogan (1642-1715)Bridget Waller (bef1656-1721)
Benjamin Church (1639-1717)Alice Southworth (1648-1719)
Joseph Collins (1645-1724)Ruth Duty Knowles (1657-1714) + Sarah Pike (1655-1724)
Joseph Dodge (1651-1716)Sarah Eaton (1650-1714)
Sarah Eaton (1650-1714)Joseph Dodge (1651-1716)
Dorte Friis (1654-1681)Jens Rosenkrantz (1640-1695)
George Gordon, 1st Earl of Aberdeen (1637-1720)Anne Lockhart (-1707)
Ludovic Grant (1641-1714)Janet Brodie (-1697)+Jean Houston (bef1701-)
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There were 0 military battles in 1671.

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