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Gregorian calendar 1381

Ab urbe condita 2134
Armenian calendar 830
Bahá'í calendar -463 – -462
Buddhist calendar 1925
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Hebrew calendar 5141 5142
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Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 2041
Julian calendar 1426
Korean calendar 3714
Thai solar calendar 1924

Year 1381 was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Events[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  • Brook, Timothy (1998). The Confusions of Pleasure: Culture and Commerce in Ming China. Berkeley: University of California Press. ISBN 978-0-520-22154-3

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People of the year 1381 at Familypedia

12 people were born in 1381

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
John Beauchamp (c1381-1412)Roger Beauchamp (1362-1406)Mary unknown (bef1381-)
Richard Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick (1381-1439)Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick (1339-1401)Margaret Ferrers (-1406)
Margaret Courtenay (c1381-?)Hugh Courteney (c1359-1424)Matilda Beaumont (?-1467)
John Deincourt, 5th Baron Deincourt (1381-1406)William Deincourt, 3rd Baron Deincourt (1355-1381)Alice de Neville (c1358-1433)
Thomas FitzAlan (1381-1415)Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel (1346-1397)Elizabeth de Bohun (c1350-1385)
Clemence Mallory (c1381-1431)Anketil Mallory (c1350-1393)Alice de Driby (?-1412)
Thomas Poyntz (c1381-1458)Robert Poyntz (c1359-1439)Katherine FitzNichol (1378-)
Andrei Vladimirovich of Serpukhov (c1380-c1381)Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov (1353-1410)Elena of Lithuania (?-1438)
Ivan Vladimirovich of Serpukhov (1381-1422)Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov (1353-1410)Elena of Lithuania (?-1438)
Jean I de Bourbon (1381-1434)Louis II de Bourbon (1337-1410)Anne de Forez (1358-1417)
Alain IX de Rohan (c1381-1462)Alain VIII de Rohan (c1353-1429)Béatrix de Clisson
Gerrit II van Culemborg (c1381-bef1466)Gerard I van Culemborg (c1335-1394)Baerte van Egmond (1334-c1413)

2 children were born to the 2 women born in 1381

21 people died in 1381

 FatherMotherAge at death
Beatriz of Portugal (1347-1381)Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367)Inés de Castro (1320-1355)
Thomas de Crophill (c1350-1381)John de Crophill (c1322-1383)Margery de Verdun (1310-1363)
Thomas de Dutton (1315-1381)Hugh de Dutton (1276-1326)Joan de Holland (-aft1345)66
Henry Esturmy (-1381)Henry Esturmy (-aft1330)Margery de Lorty (-aft1330)
Juana Manuel (1339-1381)Juan Manuel (1282-1348)Blanca de la Cerda y Lara (c1317-1347)
Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March (c1352-1381)Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March (1328-1360)Philippa de Montacute (1332-1382)
Thomas de Peshall (-1381)Richard de Peshall (-1387)Joan de Chetwynd (-1383)
Siemowit III of Masovia (c1320-1381)Trojden I of Masovia (c1285-1341)Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341)
Andrei of Serpukhov (c1380-c1381)Vladimir Andreyevich of Serpukhov (1353-1410)Elena of Lithuania (?-1438)
Günzel Seidlitz von Laschan (c1340-c1387)Kuneman Seidlitz von Laschan (1271-1369)
Marjorie Menteith (-bef1381)John Menteith (c1352-bef1382)
Taddea Visconti (c1351-1381)Bernabò Visconti (1323-1385)Beatrice Regina della Scala (c1331-1384)
Friedrich III von Meißen (1332-1381)Friedrich II von Meißen (1310-1349)Mechtild von Bayern (aft1313-1346)
Gautier IV d'Enghien (-1381)Sohier d'Enghien (-1364)Jeanne de Condé
Johann II. von Saarbrücken (c1304-1381)Simon von Saarbrücken (-1325)Marguerite de Vaud (-1313)
... further results

881 people lived in 1381

Gleb Konstantinovich Chartorysky (c1365-1399)Konstantin Olgierdovich Chartorysky (c1332-c1388)
Aleksandr Konstantinovich of Rostov (c1340-1404)Konstantin Vasilyevich of Rostov (1312-1365)
Anastasiya Dmitriyevna (c1378-c1430)Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy (1350-1389)Yevdokiya Dmitriyevna (1352-1407)
Anastasiya Vladimirovna (c1367-1396)Vladimir Olgierdovich of Kiev (c1330-1398)Anna NN
Andrei Dmitriyevich of Trubetsk (c1360-1399)Dmitri Olgierdovich of Bryansk (c1330-1399)Anna Ivanovna of Drutsk (c1335-c1375)
Andrei Fyodorovich of Rostov (1330-1409)Fyodor Vasilyevich of Rostov (1311-1331)Mariya Fyodorovna
Boris Konstantinovich of Gorodets (c1325-1394)Konstantin Vasilyevich of Suzdal (c1300-1355)
Darya Andreyevna of Rostov (c1364-c1410)Andrei Fyodorovich of Rostov (1330-1409)
Edigu (1352-1419)Baltychak
Fyodor Olegovich of Ryazan (c1360-1427)Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan (1335-1402)
Gleb Dmitriyevich of Bryansk (c1358-c1394)Dmitri Olgierdovich of Bryansk (c1330-1399)Anna Ivanovna of Drutsk (c1335-c1375)
Gleb Svyatoslavovich of Smolensk (c1353-1399)Svyatoslav Ivanovich of Smolensk (c1325-1386)
Ivan Aleksandrovich of Rostov (c1362-c1420)Aleksandr Konstantinovich of Rostov (c1340-1404)
Ivan Dmitriyevich (c1380-1393)Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy (1350-1389)Yevdokiya Dmitriyevna (1352-1407)
Ivan Dmitriyevich Kindyr of Trubetsk (c1365-1399)Dmitri Olgierdovich of Bryansk (c1330-1399)Anna Ivanovna of Drutsk (c1335-c1375)
... further results

Events of the year 1381 at Familypedia

12 people were married in 1381.

 Joined with
Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick (1339-1401)Margaret Ferrers (?-1406)
John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby (1328-1388)Maud Percy (-1379)+Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer of Corby (-1395)
Blanche of Lancaster (1359-1388)Thomas Morieux (1355-1387)
Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York (1373-1415)Beatriz of Portugal (1372-1408) + Philippa de Mohun (-1431)
Maddalena Visconti (c1366-1404)Frederick II. von Bayern-Landshut (1339-1393)
Frederick II. von Bayern-Landshut (1339-1393)Anna von Neuffen (1327-1380)+Maddalena Visconti (c1366-1404)
Isabelle de Foix (c1361-1428)Archambaud de Grailly (c1330-1412)
Archambaud de Grailly (c1330-1412)Isabelle de Foix (c1361-1428)
Aimery II de Rochechouart (1340-1397)Jeanne d'Archiac (-1378) + Jeanne d'Angle (1350-)
Isabelle de Lorraine (c1366-c1410)Enguerrand VII de Coucy (1339-1397)
Johann III. von Nürnberg (c1369-1420)Margaret von Böhmen (1373-1410)
Margaret von Böhmen (1373-1410)Johann III. von Nürnberg (c1369-1420)

There were 0 military battles in 1381.

0.013620885357548 1 0.023836549375709

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