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Gregorian calendar 1250

Ab urbe condita 2003
Armenian calendar 699
Bahá'í calendar -594 – -593
Buddhist calendar 1794
Coptic calendar 966 – 967
Ethiopian calendar 1242 – 1243
Hebrew calendar 5010 5011
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 - Vikram Samvat 1305 – 1306
 - Shaka Samvat 1172 – 1173
 - Kali Yuga 4351 – 4352
Holocene calendar 11250
Iranian calendar 628 – 629
Islamic calendar 647 – 648
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1910
Julian calendar 1295
Korean calendar 3583
Thai solar calendar 1793
Al-Kamil Muhammad al-Malik and Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor

Frederick II (left) died in 1250.







Eras and population estimatesEdit

The world population in 1250 is estimated at between 400 and 416 million individuals.

Being a round number, the year 1250 is used to demarcate the beginning or ending of various eras or epochs. These include:

1250 In Popular CultureEdit

  • Daniel Fortesque, a knight of the MediEvil video game, was born in this year, and died in 1286.

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People of the year 1250 at Familypedia

71 people were born in 1250

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Arnold III of Stein (1250-1323)
Dzhidzhekhatun (c1250-c1300)
Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich of Starodub (1250-1315)Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (c1235-1281)
Guigues VI de Forez (c1250-1278)Renaud I de Forez (c1215-1270)Isabelle de Beaujeu (1225-1297)
Albrecht II. von Sachsen-Wittenberg (1250-1298)Albrecht I. von Sachsen (c1180-1261)Helene von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1223-1273)
Robert de Brent (-1309)Robert de Brent (-c1262)Millicent Unknown
John de Bruley (c1250-)Henry de Bruley (c1228-)Katherine Foliot (c1230-)
Mabel de Bunbury (c1250-)William de Bunbury (c1225-)Maud Unknown (c1227-)
Millicent de Cantilupe (c1250-c1298)William III de Cantilupe (-1254)Eva de Braose (-1255)
Alexandre III de Montagu (1250-1296)Guillaume I de Montagu (1222-1300)Jacquette de Sombernon (c1230-1259)
Amicie de Courtenay (1250-1275)Pierre I de Courtenay (1218-1250)Pétronille de Joigny (1230-1282)
Blanche of Naples (1250-1269)Charles Capet (1226-1285)Béatrice de Provence (1231-1267)
Marguerite de Tonnerre (1250-1308)Eudes de Nevers (1231-1266)Mathilde II de Bourbon (1234-1262)
Robert II d'Artois (1250-1302)Robert Capet (1216-1250)Mathildis van Brabant (1224-1288)
Robert de Eccleshall (c1250-)
... further results

30 children were born to the 24 women born in 1250

34 people died in 1250

 FatherMotherAge at death
John Birtles (-aft1250)
Pierre I de Bretagne (c1187-1250)Robert II de Dreux (1154-1218)Yolande de Coucy (c1164-1222)63
Pierre I de Courtenay (1218-1250)Robert de Courtenay (c1168-1239)Mahaut de Mehun (1195-1240)32
Robert Capet (1216-1250)Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)34
Teresa of Portugal (c1176-1250)Sancho I of Portugal (1154-1212)Dulce of Aragon (1160-1198)74
Eric IV of Denmark (1216-1250)Valdemar II of Denmark (1170-1241)Berengária of Portugal (c1195-1221)34
Richard de Grey (c1195-c1250)Henry de Grey (c1168-aft1224)Isolda de Bardolf (-1246)
Henry de Hastings (-1250)William de Hastings (-c1226)Margaret Bigod (-c1226)
William Longespée (c1212-1250)William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (c1176-1226)Ela, 3rd Countess of Salisbury (c1187-1261)38
Hamon IV de Massey (c1160-aft1250)Hamon III de Massey (c1129-c1216)Agatha de Theray (c1140-aft1190)90
Maurice IV de Craon (1213-1250)Amaury I de Craon (c1173-1226)Jeanne des Roches (1195-c1242)38
Anna Mstislavna of Novgorod (c1205-c1250)Mstislav Mstivlavich Udatnyi of Novgorod (c1170-1228)45
Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Polotsk (c1200-c1250)Vasilko Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1165-c1216)
Izmaragda Rostislavna of Kiev (1198-c1250)Rostislav II Ryurikovich of Kiev (1172-1218)Verchoslava Vsevolodovna (c1182-c1249)
Vasili Andreyevich of Vyazma (c1221-c1250)Andrei Vladimirovich Dolgaya Ruka of Vyazma (c1205-1223)
... further results

1024 people lived in 1250

Daughter of Bryachislav Vasilkovich (c1228-c1270)Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Polotsk (c1200-c1250)
Arnold III of Stein (1250-1323)
Demid Vladimirovich of Pinsk (c1222-c1295)Vladimir Glebovich of Pinsk (c1178-c1230)
Dervorguilla of Galloway (c1210-1290)Alan, Lord of Galloway (c1175-1234)Margaret of Huntingdon (c1194-aft1233)
Dzhidzhekhatun (c1250-c1300)
Feodora Sartakovna (c1240-1273)Sartak Khan (c1225-1256)
Gerdenis (c1230-1267)
Gleb of Volkovysk (c1210-c1260)
Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich of Starodub (1250-1315)Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (c1235-1281)
Izyaslav Bryachislavich of Vitebsk (c1225-c1264)Bryachislav Vasilkovich of Polotsk (c1200-c1250)
Kirill II, Bishop of Rostov (c1180-1262)
Maria of Cumania (c1185-c1260)Kotyan Khan (c1165-1241)
Mengu-Timur Khan (c1245-1280)Toqoqan Khan
Morta (c1210-1262)
Oleg Ingvarevich Krasnyi (c1215-1258)Ingvar Igoryevich of Ryazan (c1190-1235)
... further results

Events of the year 1250 at FamilypediaEdit

27 people were married in 1250.

 Joined with
Helena Angelina (c1254-1314)Stefan Uros (?-1280)
Pierre de Courtenay (1126-1183)Elizabeth de Courtenay (1127-1205)
Roger de Davenport (-c1294)Mary Salmon (-aft1296)
Avina de Notton (1231-1256)William de Samlesbury (c1227-1256)
Plaisance of Antioch (c1235-1261)Henri I de Lusignan (1217-1253) + Balian of Ibelin
Andrei II Yaroslavich of Vladimir (c1222-1264)Ustyniya Daniilovna of Halych (c1232-c1279)
Ustyniya Daniilovna of Halych (c1232-c1279)Andrei II Yaroslavich of Vladimir (c1222-1264)
William de Samlesbury (c1227-1256)Avina de Notton (1231-1256)
Heinrich I. von Bayern (1235-1290)Elisabeth of Hungary (1236-1271)
Marguerite de Bergerac (c1230-1291)Renaud III de Pons (c1238-1270) + Alexandre de la Pébrée
Philippa de Champagne (c1197-1250)Érard de Brienne (c1170-1245)
Maud de Bohun (-c1252)Roger de Quincy (c1195-1264)
Alphonse de Brienne (c1228-1270)Marie de Lusignan (1234-1260)
Jeanne de Brienne (1222-1269)Mathieu III de Montmorency (1221-1270)
Henri I de Lusignan (1217-1253)Alix de Montferrat (c1212-c1233) + Stephanie de Lampron (c1222-1249) + Plaisance of Antioch (c1235-1261)
... further results

There were 0 military battles in 1250.

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