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Gregorian calendar 1149

Ab urbe condita 1902
Armenian calendar 598
Bahá'í calendar -695 – -694
Buddhist calendar 1693
Coptic calendar 865 – 866
Ethiopian calendar 1141 – 1142
Hebrew calendar 4909 4910
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1204 – 1205
 - Shaka Samvat 1071 – 1072
 - Kali Yuga 4250 – 4251
Holocene calendar 11149
Iranian calendar 527 – 528
Islamic calendar 543 – 544
Japanese calendar
 - Imperial Year Kōki 1809
Julian calendar 1194
Korean calendar 3482
Thai solar calendar 1692

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People of the year 1149 at Familypedia

5 people were born in 1149

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Odon of Poznań (c1149-1194)Mieszko III the Old of Poland (c1126-1202)Elisabeth of Hungary (c1129-bef1155)
Rostislava Andreyevna (c1149-c1200)Andrei I Yuryevich of Bogolyubovo (c1111-1174)Ulita Stepanovna Kuchka
Geoffroy de Lusignan (1149-1224)Hugues VIII de Lusignan (1106-1172)Burgondie de Rancon (c1120-1169)
Agnes von Ortenburg (1149-1207)Otto I. von Ortenburg (1088-1152)Agnes von Auersperg-Krain (?-1178)
Elisabeth of Hungary (c1149-aft1189)Géza II of Hungary (c1130-1162)Euphrosyne Mstislavna of Kiev (1130-1193)

2 children were born to the 2 women born in 1149

7 people died in 1149

 FatherMotherAge at death
Yaropolk Mstislavich of Porossk (c1131-1149)Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)Lyubava Dmitriyevna (c1104-c1170)
William FitzWilliam (-1149)William FitzNigel (-1134)Agnes de Gant (-c1134)
Renaud IV of Aubusson (1095-1149)Guillaume I of Aubusson (1060-1106)Agnes (1065-?)
Hugh de Mortimer (-c1149)Ranulph de Mortimer (-c1104)Millicent
Sibilla del Vasto (1105-1149)Boniface del Vasto (1060-c1131)Agnes de Vermandois (1083-aft1125)
Berenguela of Barcelona (1116-1149)Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona (1082-1132)Douce Aldonza de Provence (1093-1127)
Lutrud von Itter (c1096-aft1149)Gumbert von WarburgGepa von Arnsberg (c1079-1135)

952 people lived in 1149

Belyuk Khan (c1120-c1170)
Boris Davydovich of Polotsk (c1130-c1185)Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)
Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
Hzak Khan (c1147-c1206)Belyuk Khan (c1120-c1170)
Ivan Rostislavich Berladnik (c1110-1162)Rostislav Volodarevich of Peremyshl (c1090-1128)
Ivan Yuryevich of Turov (c1145-c1183)Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-1167)Anna Vsevolodovna of Goroden (c1127-1190)
Kobyak Khan (c1140-1184)Karli Khan
Konchak Khan (c1120-c1203)Atrak Khan (c1075-1125)
Mariya Vasilkovna of Polotsk (c1125-c1180)Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144)
Unnamed daughter of Svyatoslav Davydovich (c1103-c1160)Svyatoslav Davydovich of Chernigov (c1080-1143)Anna Svyatopolkovna of Kiev (c1082-1136)
Daughter of Volodar Rostislavich (c1100-c1150)Volodar Rostislavich of Peremyshl (1065-1124)
Sevench Bonyakovich (c1110-1151)Bonyak (c1076-c1167)
Unnamed daughter of Beloš (c1130-c1190)Beloš (c1105-c1165)
Volodar Glebovich of Gorodets (c1195-1167)Gleb Vseslavich of Minsk (c1055-1119)
Vyacheslav Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1100-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
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Events of the year 1149 at Familypedia

7 people were married in 1149.

 Joined with
Heinrich II. von Österreich (1107-1177)Gertrud von Sachsen (1115-1143) + Theodora Komnene (c1134-1184)
Hugues de Navilly (1122-1171)Isabelle de Chalon (1125-) + Fille de Navilly
Sibylle de Bourgogne (c1126-1150)Roger II of Sicily (1095-1154)
Theodora Komnene (c1134-1184)Heinrich II. von Österreich (1107-1177)
Adele de Ponthieu (c1119-1174)William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey (1120-1148) + Patrick of Salisbury (c1122-1168)
Roger II of Sicily (1095-1154)Elvira of León (c1100-1135)+Sibylle de Bourgogne (c1126-1150)+Béatrix de Rethel (c1131-1185)
Robert III de Vitré (1118-1173)Alix de Fougères (1115-1136) + Avice de Châteaubriand (1120-1139) + Emma de Dinan (1130-1208)

There were 1 military battles in 1149.

 Event date
Battle of Inab29 June 1149 JL
0.0052521008403361 1 0.0073529411764706

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