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People of the year 1138 at Familypedia

9 people were born in 1138

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Fulk FitzWarin (-1197)Fulk FitzWarin (-1171)Eve Unknown
Casimir II the Just of Poland (1138-1194)Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138)Salomea von Berg-Schelklingen (c1099-1144)
Conrad II of Bohemia (c1138-1191)Conrad II of Znojmo (c1094-aft1161)Maria of Serbia (?-aft1189)
Conan IV de Bretagne (c1138-1171)Alan, 1st Earl of Richmond (c1100-1146)Bertha de Bretagne (c1114-1156)
Agnès de Champagne (1138-1207)Theobald II de Champagne (c1088-1152)Mathilde von Spanheim (c1107-c1160)
Agnès de Savoie (c1138-1172)Amédée III de Savoie (1095-1149)Mahaut d'Albon (1112-1148)
Hugues V de Châteaudun (c1138-1191)Hugues IV de Châteaudun (c1108-c1180)Marguerite de Saint-Calais
Maria van der Merwede (1138-1166)Daniel I van der Merwede (1120-1172)Adelheid van Voorne (1135-1160)
Hermann zur Lippe (c1138-1167)Hermann I. zur Lippe (c1095-c1160)

3 children were born to the 3 women born in 1138

22 people died in 1138

 FatherMotherAge at death
Gospatric II of Dunbar (c1073-1138)Gospatric I, Earl of Northumberland and Dunbar (c1044-1074)
John FitzRichard (-1138)
Agnès de Bourgogne (c1091-c1138)Etienne I de Bourgogne (1065-1102)Beatrix de Lorraine (c1050-c1102)
Robert de Lacy (c1099-1138)Robert de Lacy (c1075-)
Gospatric II, Earl of Lothian (-1138)Gospatric, Earl of Northumbria (-aft1073)
Bolesław III Wrymouth of Poland (1086-1138)Wladyslaw I Herman of Poland (c1044-1102)Judith of Bohemia (c1056-1086)
Gleb Olgovich of Kursk (c1100-1138)Oleg I Svyatoslavich of Chernigov (c1053-1115)Theophano Mouzalonissa (c1075-c1105)
Robert II de Stuteville (-aft1138)Robert I de Stuteville (-aft1106)Blanche de Rieux (c1045-)
Robert II Bertrand de Bricquebec (1080-1138)Robert I Bertrand de Bricquebec (1045-1082)Suzanne
Guillaume de Briquessart (1085-1138)Ranulphe II de Briquessart (1052-1129)Marguerite of Avranches (1054-c1101)
Pedro de Cervera (c1080-c1138)Ponce I de Cervera (-c1130)Beatriz de Besalu (c1060-aft1119)
Avice de Clare (-c1138)Richard de Clare (-c1090)Rohese Giffard (-1113)
Tancred of Sicily (1119-1138)Roger II of Sicily (1095-1154)Elvira of León (c1100-1135)
Simon de Lorraine (c1090-1138)Dirk II de Lorraine (c1050-1115)Hedwig von Formbach (c1070-c1100)
Henri de Namur (c1070-1138)Albert III de Namur (1027-1102)Ida von Sachsen (-1101)
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972 people lived in 1138

Belyuk Khan (c1120-c1170)
Boris Davydovich of Polotsk (c1130-c1185)Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)
Davyd Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1105-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
Evpraksiya Mstislavna of Kiev (c1102-c1135)Mstislav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (1076-1132)Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden (c1080-1122)
Ivan Rostislavich Berladnik (c1110-1162)Rostislav Volodarevich of Peremyshl (c1090-1128)
Konchak Khan (c1120-c1203)Atrak Khan (c1075-1125)
Maritsa Vladimirovna (c1085-1146)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
Mariya Vasilkovna of Polotsk (c1125-c1180)Vasilko Svyatoslavich of Polotsk (c1095-1144)
Unnamed daughter of Svyatoslav Davydovich (c1103-c1160)Svyatoslav Davydovich of Chernigov (c1080-1143)Anna Svyatopolkovna of Kiev (c1082-1136)
Daughter of Volodar Rostislavich (c1100-c1150)Volodar Rostislavich of Peremyshl (1065-1124)
Sevench Bonyakovich (c1110-1151)Bonyak (c1076-c1167)
Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
Unnamed daughter of Beloš (c1130-c1190)Beloš (c1105-c1165)
Volodar Glebovich of Gorodets (c1195-1167)Gleb Vseslavich of Minsk (c1055-1119)
Vyacheslav Svyatoslavich of Vitebsk (c1100-c1170)Svyatoslav Vseslavich of Vitebsk (c1065-c1130)Sofiya Vladimirovna (c1078-c1140)
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Events of the year 1138 at Familypedia

6 people were married in 1138.

 Joined with
Leopold IV. von Österreich (1108-1141)Maria of Bohemia (c1124-aft1160)
Maria of Bohemia (c1124-aft1160)Leopold IV. von Österreich (1108-1141) + Hermann III. von Baden (c1105-1160)
William of Aubigny (1100-1176)Adeliza of Leuven (1103-1151)
Mathieu I de Lorraine (c1119-1176)Bertha von Schwaben (c1124-c1194)
Adeliza of Leuven (1103-1151)Henry I of England (1068-1135) + William of Aubigny (1100-1176)
Bertha von Schwaben (c1124-c1194)Mathieu I de Lorraine (c1119-1176)

There were 0 military battles in 1138.

0.0092592592592593 1 0.022633744855967

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